Ziff Davis Media Crosses the Thin Red Line

In one of the more bizarre and tasteless uses of a photo in many years by a gaming magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, which is published by Ziff-Davis Media, hits a new low. For their coverage of Sony's SOCOM II for the PlayStation 2. EGM used the photograph shown in this thread at a forum site called "The Guns Network" to show a soldier holding a box for the game. The original photograph as described by members of "The Guns Network" forum was actually Russian soldiers holding pictures of their comrades who have died in the Russian-Chechen conflict to honor them in a memorial service. To make matters worse for Ziff-Davis Media, they sent the owners of "The Guns Network" forums a letter informing of them essentially of their intent to sue for defamation if the offending link is not removed.

News source: Evil Avatar

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