Zink to Step-Up Production of Inkless Printing Paper

Inkless printing company ZINK Imaging has completed its purchase of Konica Minolta's manufacturing facility in North Carolina, enabling ZINK to step-up production of paper for its Zero-Ink print process. ZINK Paper is special photo paper comprised of dye crystals. Before the printing process begins, the dye crystals become clear, making the ZINK paper look like a regular piece of white photo paper, but when run through a ZINK-enabled printer, heat triggers the dye crystals to add color. As part of the acquisition, originally announced back in June, ZINK Imaging plans to hire the remaining 60 employees and the senior management team currently employed by the Konica Minolta plant.

News source: eWeek

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- How does ZINK paper react to direct sun light or ultra violett light?
- How does ZINK paper react to strong radiosignals, microwaves or strong infra red light?
- How does ZINK paper react to X-ray or gamma radiation?
- How does ZINK paper react to radioactivity in the form of alpha- and betaparticles?
- How does ZINK paper react to physical force?
- How does ZINK paper react to water, cold or warm?
- What does the ZINK paper contain?
- What substances and materials are needed to create the paper?
- Does the creation of the paper generate any hazardous substances?
- How will you treat the biproducts of the ZINK paper manufacturing?
- Can nature degrade used and unused ZINK paper all by itself without creating hazardous substances?
- Can I drink water that contains degraded ZINK paper?
- Can I eat a cow who has eaten a piece of ZINK paper, or even a large box of 500 ZINK papers?
- Can I eat ZINK paper?
- How much ZINK paper can I or any living thing eat before dying?
- What happens to ZINK paper when it's burned?
- Can ordinary paper shredders shred ZINK paper without wearing the machine out?

Paper that we use to print things on can end up anywhere. A beaver might even eat it.
How safe is this paper?
I'm VERY skeptical to this "Zero Ink" paper...

TruckWEB said,
So, instead of buying costly ink toner or cartridge, you will need to buy expensive paper.... What a good deal!!!



We might as well run our printers off of gasoline. Power cords would be deemed a DMCA violation and makers sued vigorously.


I have just been playing with our new Xerox Solid Ink printer and thought that was cool.

This makes it simple and awesome! Now just to make it print faster and larger. I know it is in it's infancy but I look forward to it.

I have to wonder if they're overestimating the need for mobile printing. Who does need to have pictures printed right after they're taken? Let's say you take photos at a wedding or party, isn't it actually nicer when you send the pictures to the participants later so they can reminisce about the event rather than give them the pics right away?

I can see the use of the technology when applied to regular printing needs, if it is cheaper than the ink and laser technologies used right now.

The link above has nothing to do with this article or the ZINK technology..... But it's classic Simpsons....

so when I leave my piece of paper out in the sun or near the heater or next to my computer, it'll completely screw up my work or what?