Zotac Intros External Controller for Gfx Cards Overclocking

Zotac, a supplier of graphics cards that belongs to PC Partner holding, on Monday announced a special external hardware device that will simplify overclocking for both novices and performance enthusiasts.

Zotac Nitro hardware overclocking controller allows adjusting graphics processor core and shader domain clock-speeds, memory frequencies as well as fanning speed with the press of three buttons. Since the Nitro devices comes with screen, it is possible to monitor GPU temperature in real-time, something, which may be important in case of serious increase of clock-speeds.

View: The full story @ Xbit-Labs

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the external device look nice.

But this is software-based. The device only displays current info, just like any other overclocking program out there. The buttons activate the driver-based overclocking, that's all.

A hardware-based external device would be great.

Driver and documentation on a CD. Blah. This is blatantly a software solution then. They should have something which goes directly into the graphics card via a connector to give this info.