ZTE Open to release tomorrow, as first Firefox OS device for the public

When Mozilla presented Firefox OS they said that it'd be cheap to run, though few people could have guessed how cheap. Telefónica tweeted that the first of the Firefox OS devices would be releasing in Spain tomorrow.

Named the ZTE Open, the device is destined to retail at 69EUR (90USD). The 'free' airtime with the phone likely won't be included forever, so customers could see a price drop after that as well.

The ZTE Open's existence was known about back in February, as attendees were able to try the phone at the Mobile World Congress. In regards to specifications, the Open is basically what you'd expect. A Snapdragon MSM7225A chipset is the core of the device, with an Adreno 200 GPU handling graphics for a 3.5" display.

Telefónica is a major player within Europe, owning the O2 network as well as operating other services. Here’s hoping it won’t be long before the ZTE Open will be available throughout the rest of Europe.

Source: Telefónica


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I understand it's an "emerging markets" device, but having just 256MB RAM may really hurt this device. Would it have raised the price that much more to bump it to 512MB RAM?

If Firefox's record running under Windows-7 64-bit is any indication, I'm hardly going to choose it for my smartphone. Until Mozilla fixes the frequent crash problem--even when running just the "mandatory" add-ons you automatically get installed with Office, Flash, and Acrobat Reader; along with one or two mainstream plug-ins.

yowanvista said,
It'll sure be dead on arrival, nobody needs another rotten mobile OS.

True. These single digit market share phones need to disappear. /s

They really are going for budget phones. I'm guessing Mozilla is really trying to earn more money on search deals with Google than selling apps or anything like that.