Zuma Deluxe full version available for free

Can you discover the Ancient Secrets of the Zuma? Their hidden temples in the jungle teem with traps and tricks! It will take a quick hand and a sharp eye to uncover their treasures...

Possibly the most addictive game we've ever offered, Zuma Deluxe is a uniquely thrilling experience in action-puzzlers. As the stone frog idol of the ancient Zuma, you must explore and unearth the legendary temples. Fire colored balls to make groups of three or more, but don't let them reach the golden skull or you're history! With two exciting game modes, pulse-pounding sounds and music, Zuma Deluxe is an adventure you may not be able to pull yourself away from.
Zuma Deluxe is an action puzzle game with two main modes. If you are new to Zuma, you should start with the Adventure mode, and move on to Gauntlet once you are experienced with the game.



  • 3D accelerated graphics and effects. zuma full version
  • Stunning sounds and tribal tunes.
  • Explore the Adventure mode and test your skills in Gauntlet mode.
  • Over 20 temples to explore!
  • Zuma theme for Windows

To get your free copy of Zuma Deluxe for Mac / Windows go to this page –  enter your email address and then click on the “Sign Up Now” button.

This giveaway will be available until Nov 29, 2011.

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Got the email. It took a little bit but it did come. My dad loves this game, so installed it on his new laptop, and he's already playing it.

****mire said,
never got the email guess they just want to get email addresses to spam people

I never got the email back either, been about 20minutes now. I'm going to assume they have a high demand and their mail servers are running flat out at the moment trying to process all the requests... would be interesting to know if anyone got access, eventually.

warwagon said,
Everyone should grab it. It's a great game. Just remember to use your spam account email address.

Err wait. That's the original. BLAH! I thought it was the new revenge.