Zynga to begin trading stock publicly Dec. 16

The long awaited IPO launch of Zynga finally has a firm and official date. Venture Beat reports that the Facebook-based developer and publisher of games like Cityville, Farmville and other games will begin trading on December 16. Zynga expects that the stock value for the company will be between $8.50 to $10 a share. That means that Zynga has a total value, at least on paper, of about $10 billion.

Zynga first filed for its public stock offering on July 1 with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The company is looking to raise about $1 billion by offering 100 million shares of its stock to the public. It will trade on the Nasdaq stock market under the symbol ZNGA.

Zynga is still the leading game publisher on Facebook with the company claiming it currently has 227 million monthly active users. It also claims that every day about 54 million people play its games. That includes CityVille which is the number one game on Facebook with over 49 million players, according to AppData's statistics. Farmville, an older Zynga game, is still the number two most popular game on Facebook with close to 31 million users.

Zynga recently launched CastleVille, which has already generated about 22 million users after just 17 days of going online. However, the earlier launch of its first sequel game, Mafia Wars 2, hasn't been as successful. AppData shows that the game currently just has 10.9 million players since launching in mid-October and has actually lost over 3 million players in just the last week.

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What is a shame is that in the last week or so, they have changed the way Cityville is played, and players are leaving in droves. There is a thread on their forum, 129 pages long of players complaining, and no one from Zygna will give an answer to our questions. Players have spent their hard earned money on this game, and now, it is going to waste because we can't enlarge our cities because of their changes. And being ignored by them makes it worse as we don't know if it is a bug or the way it will be. I feel sorry for people that buys into this company as millions of players will stop playing Cityville and the rest of their games.

The tragic outcome of this is, this company isn't worth $10,000 let alone 10 billion. No sane person would invest with them for medium/long term. But this fake company IPO will get a AAA rating from S&P and although no sane individual would ever invest with zynga all your pension & 401k funds will gladly invest your retirement money and gladly lose it.

It's a giant scam, S&P and no doubt Goldman Sachs are running this IPO will all make couple hundred million $$$ in commissions,, 1 year from now this junk stock will be worthless and you will have to work an extra 3 years as your retirement money will be less.

PopCap actually refused a takeover attempt by Zynga because of their concerns about business ethics, relating to both the dodgy shares dealings and the way they get staff to compete and cull the weakest links.

Worst investment ever.
I give the company 6 months before it goes under and that the execs escape with all that IPO cash.

Zynga represents capitalism at its worst. This is the company that gave shares to employees in lieu of payment and then - when they realised their shares were worth a lot of money - demanded they be returned or else those employees would be fired.

Can you just publish Words with Friends for Windows Phone already? I have 3 friends who would switch from their iPhone 4s as soon as you do this.
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Drewidian said,
Can you just publish Words with Friends for Windows Phone already? I have 3 friends who would switch from their iPhone 4s as soon as you do this.
Thx.. /s

Lol the power Words with Friends has over people!