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28 April 2003
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Brad was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where he consults for Fortune 500 companies. He is a business person at heart and is always reading the Wall Street Journal; his homepage is set to

Brad has written many SWOT reports and enjoys reading about the latest technology in the consumer and business worlds. He believes that we live in a fast moving world and if you don't adapt you won't survive. Brad will bring to Neowin a business perspective to editorials and an analytical review of business moves in the technology industry.

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Gallery: Windows 10 build 10158

· · Hot! with 62 comments

A new build of Windows 10 has been released and we have a gallery of the updated OS that includes the Edge icon, a new dark theme for the browser, refinements to the UI and updates to Cortana as well.


Windows 10 build 10151 has leaked

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A new build of Windows 10 has leaked and this time it is version 10151; the leak originated out of China and the new phone companion app as well as Edge branding may arrive ins this build.


Gallery: Windows 10 build 10154

· · Hot! with 98 comments

A new build of Windows 10 has made its way outside the walls of Redmond and this time around, it's version 10154 that has surfaced; we have posted a gallery after the break of the new build.