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28 April 2003
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Brad was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where he consults for Fortune 500 companies. He is a business person at heart and is always reading the Wall Street Journal; his homepage is set to

Brad has written many SWOT reports and enjoys reading about the latest technology in the consumer and business worlds. He believes that we live in a fast moving world and if you don't adapt you won't survive. Brad will bring to Neowin a business perspective to editorials and an analytical review of business moves in the technology industry.

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Windows Media Center is dead

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Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Media Center is dead and that the company will not be updating the software with Windows 10; there is no direct replacement coming either.


Welcome to Build 2015

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We are here in San Francisco gearing up for BUILD 2015 which will bring with it many announcements that will shape the future of Windows and it's many variants.