343 Industries may expand Halo franchise to new genres

"Halo 4" was the first game developed by Microsoft's new gaming studio 343 Industries.

Microsoft founded 343 Industries with the sole purpose of developing its Halo franchise following Bungie's spin off into a private company. According to a studio official, that may include expanding the franchise to new areas.

Speaking to Polygon in a new interview, Kiki Wolfkill, an executive producer at the studio, said 343 Industries will continue attempting to advance the Halo franchise's main entries – first-person shooters – while also potentially trying some new genres, much like Ensemble Studios did with its real-time strategy "Halo Wars."

"We have started to flesh out broad strokes of a few different arcs that are interesting," she told Polygon. "There could be opportunities where exploring a different game genre makes sense or exploring a different linear format makes sense. If the medium fits what we want to do, then we'll definitely consider it ... if there's a great idea we get energized around."

Wolfkill added that future games in the franchise may feature protagonists besides Master Chief, similar to "Halo 3: ODST" or "Halo: Reach," although she made it clear that "Master Chief is not going away."

"Halo 4," 343 Industries' first game, was released last year to both critical and commercial success. That game is the first title of a planned "Reclaimer trilogy" that will see the franchise taking on the Forerunner, a species that created the Halo rings in the series' mythology.

If Microsoft continues with its "leapfrog" strategy that sees it alternating Halo and Gears of War games each year, a new entry in the franchise will likely be released in fall 2014.

Source: Polygon | Image via Microsoft

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Halo Wars was an awesome game. I hope they make another one and put it out on Windows RT and Windows Phone. Ensemble was such a good studio I don't understand why they got rid of them.

Sweet! If I had to put one team in charge of making tangents of Halo a success it would be 343. They did amazing work with Halo 4 and hopefully will continue to make it one of the top game franchisers. The best thing is that it isn't under control from Activision or EA which means not everything is directly money focused. If 343 can attract more users to the Xbox and if that means lowering prices then us as consumers win again!

Prices aren't dropping on new games...sorry...ain't going to happen. They only seem to be pointing up and up...wouldn't be surprised to see the next-gen games to be 64.99...Getting cheap games though isn't a problem..just wait a couple of months and they're half price.

Kiki Wolfkill? That's either the most epic or worst name in history. Can't decide which ...
Either way I think it deserves a meme.

I'm probably the only one who thinks this, but Halo seemed so much better when it was just Halo and not a whole fantasy world or alternate reality. They should have just made the original trilogy and been done with it. Seems every game that's made these days isn't just made as a game it's designed to be made into a series or a library. Oh well..

Wow. I thought it was the worst. Hated how they basically turned it into a peusdo love story between Cortona and Master Chief. I don't even understand how is it Hasley became a war criminal when her work was sanctioned by the UNSC.

Halo fits, or should fit well, into a new RTS space game ala homeworld I bet, it's not like the Halo universe is lacking in space ships etc.

The Halo Wars RTS on Xbox 360 was very good, but it would make more sense if they brought a genre like that out for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Space combat in the Halo universe could be fun as well. The entire game could be ship or vehicle focused.

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