Adware Zango sues maker of antispyware tool

Adware maker Zango Incorporated has sued PC Tools Pty Limited, makers of the popular Spyware Doctor software, in a dispute over the way the antispyware program flags and removes Zango's technology. The Spyware Doctor Starter Edition that ships with Google Pack assigns Zango an "elevated" threat-level rating. "We believe the proceedings are an attempt by Zango to influence our reclassification process. Prior to the lawsuit we were well into an in-depth review and reclassification of the latest versions of Zango products. We advised Zango of this imminent re-rating and we believe they have chosen to lodge these proceedings as a way to gain media attention of the review," said PC Tools in a statement.

According to a post on a blog at, Zango is seeking at least $35 million in damages, alleging that Spyware Doctor removes Zango's software without warning users that it will be deleted. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in King County Superior Court in Seattle, according to Formerly known as 180solutions Incorporated, Zango is trying to clean up its tarnished reputation. In November it paid $3 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that its software was being installed deceptively on PCs. PC users have complained that the software has been installed without warning, forcing them to endure unwanted pop-up ads. The company has also been accused of tracking user behaviour and making its software too difficult to remove.

News source: ComputerWorld

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You know. I hate the damn ZANGO program. I hope they get sued by the goverment or have Spyware Doctor counter sue them back not for $35 million, but for $65 million for all the damages Zango has caused to user's PCs.

Oh come on! Give me a break! Zango should the ones getting sued! Last week alone 18 computers on our network had to be wiped and reimaged (policy of the Department of Defense) because of Zango's spyware.


Zango is pure malware, and an inconvienience to users. They are the people who need to be sued.
As much as I don't rate Spyware Doctor as a competent anti-spyware solution, they need to win in court.

You have to wonder how they're thinking when doing this sort of thing only brings it into the news so pretty much anyone using their software will get hits from the story on Google and so on.

Just because they changed their name doesn't mean they will regain trust. They are still a deceptive company and installing adware is bad for everyone. This seems more of a joke than anything else. If the judge sides with them that is just sad.

I've had to clean a few computers that had 180Solutions/Zango screwing them over. I hope this lawsuit gets thrown out of court.