Amazon to unveil its smartphone on June 18th

Amazon, the king of online shopping, has been slowly entering the hardware markets over the past few years. With tablets and a set-top box, they are no stranger to perfecting hardware supply chains. 

So, with an event scheduled for June 18th, Amazon is gearing up to release its smartphone and here is what we know about the device based on previous rumors.

The phone is rumored to have 5, yes 5 front facing cameras, can be seen in the image above and there is a camera on the back of the device too.

The cameras are located in each of the corners and you can clearly see them in the image above and one in the center of the device for video calls. The corner cameras are supposedly to help out with the 3D visual effects that will be the crowning feature of the device.

The black plastic cladding you see on the device is a protective shell and once removed, the phone looks like many other modern smartphones. The device pictured is one of two devices the company will reportedly launch in the very near future; the above device will be a higher end model the device not pictured will be a lower-end model.

The higher end device is said to have a 4.7in screen with a 720P display and will be run by a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU. But the real features will be the glasses-free 3D interface that utilizes the multiple front cameras to create the effects.

The corner cameras are infrared cameras that can track your face and eyes so that the display can adjust to the location of your eyes to create the best visual effects.

The event is open to the public in Seattle and if you want to go, you can sign up here.

Amazon: Amazon | Image Credit: BGR

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Good luck with yet another Amazon product that's only available to a few countries and which will never be available to the rest of the world, except from third parties in low quantities.

For whoever wasn't unhappy enough with third-party UIs and bloatware on android smartphones, an even more locked-down android smartphone!

Interesting idea, but I'm worried by the battery life of having 5 cameras running with that 3D stuff on.

Clamdigger63 said,
I meant to say why is it only competition to Microsoft and not everyone?
Because while WP is 3rd place, its hardly what I'd call "secure." And, really, if this phone can't compete with Windows Phone, it'll be of no concern to Apple or Android.

You can have your sights on #1, but you still have to get past #3 and #2 first.

-adrian- said,
It will rather be a competition for android since it is the same basis

it will be an Amazon Phone, as much an android phone as an Kindle Fire tablet is an Android tablet. This device is aimed at people who don't read tech blogs and where the Amazon brand carries a lot of cachet.