Anonymizer services grow with UK piracy bill

Earlier this month the UK passed the Digital Economy Bill, as a side effect anonymizer services has seen an increase in customers.

Part of the bill requires the ISPs to put in speed blocks, bandwidth shaping, site blocking, or account suspension for all users caught infringing copyright laws. If an ISP fails to put any of these measures in the place they could be fined up to £250,000. Another interesting part of the bill says, "Copyright owners must pay Ofcom's costs; both copyright owners and ISPs must pay costs of implementing technical measures; accused subscribers must also share appeal costs."

According to TorrentFreak, after the bill was passed BTGuard saw a dramatic rise in demand for its service. BT claim they have nearly as many UK users as they do US users, which is significant. BTGuard anonymizes your BitTorrent traffic through their proxy service. They also offer encryption services to prevent the ISP from being able to use bandwidth shaping to slow down your BitTorrent traffic.

The controversial Digital Economy Bill has faced stiff opposition from online users and news outlets. Members of Parliament voted on the bill last month but the vast majority failed to vote. UK readers can find out if their local MP voted at

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SH3K0 said,
My one didn't but won't stop them implementing the damned bill! I am starting to hate living in UK/EU!

Actually the EU is pretty good on this issue, well the EU Parliament is, anyway.

Mine voted for it too. What a dick, I'm sending him a letter asking him if the letter is going to be intercepted by the government, just like my emails will be.

What are your arguments those are you who are mad that your MP voted for the bill?
I steal things and I want to continue to do so?

Great argument guys. I'd have voted for the bill too. Some people have no sense of right and wrong.

Teebor said,

At least yours turned up and voted

True. I contacted mine 2 weeks before wash-up, got told he read my email... DEB came and went.... emailed my MP asking WTF and got the standard reply saying his party do not approve of the bill... shows me he didn't even bloody turn up!!!

We're paying these muppets £60k a year?! What the hell for?!

aarste said,
What does it matter if your MP did vote or not, the digital economy bill is a nationwide thing isn't it?

Because you won't be voting for them again?

aarste said,
What does it matter if your MP did vote or not, the digital economy bill is a nationwide thing isn't it?

Yes, but you vote in the particular MP so if you don't agree with the bill you can vote for someone else in the upcoming election.

My MP voted for the bill after telling me that it was a badly written bill that needed a lot more work and should not be allowed to pass

If you live in one of the following constituencies you have the ability to vote for the Pirate Party:
* Worcester (West Midlands)
* Bury North (North West England)
* Manchester Gorton (North West England)
* Leicester West (East Midlands)
* Glasgow Central (Scotland)
* Derby North (East Midlands)
* South West Surrey (South East England)
* East Ham (Greater London)
* Bethnal Green and Bow (Greater London)
* Cities of London and Westminster (Greater London

Why not check them out, talk with them and see whether you like their views.

This is what happens when you come up with this stuff. The true offenders (and pretty much anyone who cares about the bill and doesn't want their identity tracked) will start using proxies and other ways to mask their identity. Only those who don't know about it will have their identity revealed to ISPs and the government.

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