Apple Nano not up to scratch

As Neowin reported last week, it appears that Apple's new Nano portable media device suffers from a very delicate screen. Users are reporting that the screen scratches very easily. The scratches result in a screen that is very difficult to view after a short amount of time.

Today, The Register is reporting that problems with the Nano are "deepening". Even Microsoft's Jim Allchin reported that his Nano died due to "moisture" problems.

The Register speculates that if Apple can't quickly repair the Nano screen issues, then Apple's upcoming video iPod will be in serious trouble. Stay tuned...

News source: The Register

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I don't get all the hoopla over the Nano anyway. I'm not bashing it by any means, but it's not revolutionary. It's not the smallest form factor / most storage for it's size. I bought my daughter an iAudio U2 1GB player and it's been bulletproof.