Apple takes jab at Microsoft for iPod virus

On Tuesday, Apple Computer warned that some of its latest iPods have shipped with a Windows virus.

The company said that a small number of video iPods made after Sept. 12 included the RavMonE virus. It said it has seen fewer than 25 reports of the problem, which it said does not affect other models of the media player, nor does it affect Macs.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company apologized on its Web site for the problem, but also used the opportunity to jab at Microsoft, its operating system rival. "As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses, and even more upset with ourselves for not catching it," Apple said on its site.

Apple Vice President Greg Joswiak said the virus does not affect Macs or the iPod itself. As for Windows machines, Joswiak said the virus "does not cause data damage but can lower the security of the computer" and said it should be removed. Apple points to various antivirus firms' Web sites, including McAfee, Microsoft and Symantec, as places consumers can get antivirus software if they don't already have it.

Apple said that the video iPods now being made are virus-free. It introduced the latest generation of iPods last month.

News source: CNET
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I really do not see what the issue is. They admitted to the fact that it was something they overlooked and they are disappointed at the fact that the OS they have to use to deliver a cross platform experience isn't able to defend itself well enough. And they are disappointed in the fact that they didn't see it coming. I don't see what the big issue is. They probably should have worded the statement better, but in all honestly, they speak the truth.

Quote - C_Guy said @ #37.1
" the OS they have to use to deliver a cross platform experience isn't able to defend itself well enough."

Ha ha, are you serious? So it's Microsoft's fault that Apple released a device that has a virus pre-installed on it that, big surprise, only affects their competition? Why should Windows have to defend itself against a virus that comes pre-installed on a media player?

Apple, take some responsibility.

If you read, then you would realize that the virus came preinstalled as a result of the vulnerability presented in the OS. It's not apple's fault that the windows platform is vulnerable. And also, you read, then you would see that they did responsibility.

It isn't unfair in the least to tell users that look, this is partly because windows is a faulty system. But they said that they are ashamed of themselves that they overlooked the issue. People seem to want to over look that little part but they did say it, you can read it. But what they said about windows is true and users should know that, I mean Apple didn't intend for a virus to get on the players, but it happened and it is a result of windows just being well windows, and Apple's oversight.

Both are to blame here and Apple said exactly that.

Any more of this Apple vs MS crap will earn warnings. Keep it on topic or risk losing your posting privileges for a bit.