Asus 9100 IGP up for sale in US

ATI HAS FINALLY started to ship Radeon 9100 boards at least in the USA. Asus, one of the key motherboard retailer companies have these babies ready to sell.

The name of this product is the P4R800-VM and it can be found in many shops in the USA. The board that costs $84, has support for P4 in socket 478, has 4 DIMM slots with support for up to 4GB RAM DDR 400 and slower, two IDE Udma 100, one AGP and three PCI slots. Four USB 2.0 ports, one Firewire, 10/100 Mbit network card that is actually build it 3Com Mac from ATI IXP200 Southbridge and with external Realtek PNY completes the picture.

News source: The Inq

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