Asustek Launches Water-Cooled Graphics Card

Taiwanese hardware maker Asustek Computer Incorporated has unveiled a water-cooled graphics card: the AquaTank EN8800GTX graphics board, based on a Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX with 768MB DDR3 memory. According to an Asustek executive manning the company's booth at the Cebit trade show in Hanover, Germany, the AquaTank cards are currently in production and will soon be available. The company claims the water-cooling system helps to keep the graphics chip running 12 degrees Celsius (54 degrees Fahrenheit) cooler than other 8800GTX boards which translates into a performance gain of around 11% percent. Specific information about pricing and availability of the AquaTank graphics card was not available.

News source: PC World

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Since we are talking about a temperature difference, a difference of 12°C is actually a difference of 22°F, not 54°F.

the only thing better than posters getting corrected by arrogant tools is when those arrogant tools are wrong wrong wrong wrong.

12 degrees celcius does indeed equal 54 degrees farenheit. but we're talking about differential here.

12C = 54F
0C = 32F

do a little subtraction...

12C = 22F

Math. It works.

Actually, acxz, the difference is about 21.6 degrees farenheit even in the 60C range.

The whole number on the Fahrenheit scale that most closely corresponds to 12°C is 54, but 12C does not equal 54F. The two marks on the scale do not correspond exactly.
How do I know? I have a thermometer that's marked in both scales, that's how.

But you know what, America? Just learn Centigrade already. The rest of the world finished moving to Centigrade forty years ago. You're the only ones still using that outdated obsolete scale of measurement. Everyone else on the entire planet is tired of having to put up with America and it's stupid Fahrenheit scale.

Sorry for you if you're offended by that, but it's the truth.

why is this a news item as if it's the first time a graphics card maker makes ready made water cooled cards ?

Gainward has had them for a good while.