Audio Comparer 1.0

Bolide Software just announced a new product release named Audio Comparer.

Audio Comparer will listen to your entire audio collection and then will be able to quickly locate duplicates and similar audio files based on their sound, not tags. Currently Audio Comparer is able to locate duplicates among MP3, MP2, MP1, AIF, WAV, WMA and OGG audio files.

Please try this tool and send your suggestions or bug reports using feedback form. Since this is a first public release your feedback is highly appreciated.

News source: Official website of Audio Comparer by Bolide Software
Link: Duplicate MP3 Finder Tool
Download: Download (2.4 MB) Free trial
Screenshot: >> Click here <<

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Answer: 22 hours. Found a lot of stuff I would not have noticed for a while. Incorrect file names, etc. Interface leaves a LOT to be desired. Very chunky. Application threw a lot of errors but I'm not surprised with that many tracks. Also it works well to identify duplicates but not making any changes.. I do that myself in Windows Explorer. Make a change, it refreshes the database. 30 minutes per refresh.

Hmm.. It removed my Dane Cook-album from my stand-up collection. Apparently it was way too similar to a bunch of other older stand-up tracks.