Avant Browser 11.7.29

Avant Browser is a tabbed browser based on the Internet Explorer core. It allows you to browse multiple Web sites simultaneously, block popup windows, block Flash advertising, and offers additional mouse functions for faster navigation. Additional features include an integrated privacy cleaner that helps to remove surfing tracks, a built-in Yahoo/Google search, RSS/ATOM Reader, Popup blocking and more. Avant Browser also provides options to easily block downloads of pictures, videos, Flash, sounds and ActiveX components to further speed up page loading times. All your IE settings and Favorites are available from within Avant Browser.

What's new:

  • Fixed double application shortcuts bug in desktop
  • Fixed the problem with font size(too small) if DPI was set to 120
  • Fixed the bug that IE Addons disappear from context menu
News source: Official website
Download: Avant Browser 11.7.29

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ok, hmm
i know i shouldn't make bad comments, without trying it first.

however i was just about to click download, until i saw the

based on the Internet Explorer core
, then out poped my large stick and i started to poke it away from me.

whats it like??

This build also fixes a few bugs with the new browser:home page.

Solway.. Avant uses the engine from whatever version of IE you have installed. So if you have IE8 installed you have the engine that can compete with all the other competitors but you also have a more minimalist interface compared to IE7 and 8.

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