Banned iPad mini promo

You may have heard about Apple's new iPad mini, it's a smaller version of the popular iPad and comes in at 7.9-inch. Well we've got our hands on a banned iPad mini promo, ahem, okay, it isn't really a banned promo, but it is yet another funny spoof video by John Elerick which plays on the cliches and omissions Apple is often question for.

The iPad mini was announced earlier this month packing an A5 CPU, LTE support, front and back cameras, the new lighting connector and iOS 6. The device is clearly targeting Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets. The iPad mini comes in both black and white and prices start at $329.

Source: ooJLEoo YouTube

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I assume the iPad mini is a bomb sales wise? I know Apple won't ever say such a thing, but I'm not seeing the usual pro-Apple (paid for by Apple) iPad mini hype articles everywhere.

excalpius said,
I assume the iPad mini is a bomb sales wise?

Too early to say, but I'm willing to bet it won't bomb.

I'm a huge fan of Apple products but man I just love these spoofs they come out with. They are just so freakin funny. I like how they even had some actors look like some of the executives. Love it.

"They are different... the iPod touch has a Retina Display..."

That part nearly put me on the floor, I swear. As always, these banned promos are hilarious and deadly accurate cutting right to the heart of the marketing BS.


I came here expecting the typical anti-fanboy parody video, way over the top in its hatred to the point of being not funny.

Happy to be wrong! That video is awesome!

(Spork) said,
in before all the apple people get there panties knotted !!

Hey now .. get you facts straight ... they don't wear panties

Am I the only one who really doesn't like Conan? I've never found him or his show to be funny, yet people are obsessed with him.