Bing Desktop 1.3.402.0

Bing Desktop delivers easy access to better search results no matter what you are doing -- inline while reading a doc or simply typing and clicking into an always present search box. And it provides the information you need to stay informed, from weather forecasts, to trending news to your Facebook content. You’ll get all this plus the beauty of the Bing homepage on your Windows desktop each day.

Easy access to better results: Getting the information you need to start doing is even easier. Simply highlight a word or phrase and preview search results without leaving the document or webpage you are reading. Or, without first launching a browser, start a search by simply typing into the Desktop search box on your Windows task bar.

Stay informed: Access top news summaries, videos, trends, weather forecasts and Facebook friends' news feed in the apps on the toolbar.

Beautiful images: Bing Desktop makes the Bing daily homepage image your desktop background or you can choose from any of the last nine daily images. Each day, your Windows desktop will reflect the fresh and engaging Bing home page image.

Download: Bing Desktop 1.3.402.0 | 9.2 MB (Freeware)
View: Bing Desktop Website | Download Page

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I always have my browser open, even when I'm not using it. It's kind of a habit - when I finish browsing and move to something else, I just load bing and keep that one tab open...

So the bing desktop is something I don't even use for search, but rather getting new wallpapers every day. Been using it since it came out and never downloaded a wallpaper since.

I hate bing desktop. I also hate them trying to push it down my throat with Windows Updates. To me this is the 'toolbar' of the desktop.

I don't blame Microsoft for trying to promote their own product. In fact, it's unchecked for me in Windows Update by default and it's under the 'optional" category.

j2006 said,
How are they pushing it? It's listed under optional and unchecked by default.
This, but people don't want to take responsibility for their own actions.

I guess its good if you don't want to have your browser opened. It keeps popping up on Windows update every patch Tuesday and I never install it.