BioShock Release Date - June 2007!

2K Games confirmed to 1UP that the long-awaited, much-anticipated Irrational Games first person shooter BioShock will release for the Xbox 360 and PC in June of this year. A two-week-old post at the BioShock Through the Looking Glass Forums from a user named "2K Kimberly" who sports a "2K Games" tag below her name first mentioned the June release.
I'll let you in on the official word on the release date: June 2007. Heard it here first. View: Original Story @ 1Up

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mouse+keyboard > controllers so pc version for me... when it comes out I should already have the money to get a dx10 card xD

I knew this yesterday from IGN. Didn't hear it here first.

I'm going to be getting it for the 360, even though my pc could run it easy peasy.

About time we had a decent horror game out, since system shock 2 horror games have sucked (ss2 being the best one of course)

I can't wait for this