BioShock Release Date - June 2007!

2K Games confirmed to 1UP that the long-awaited, much-anticipated Irrational Games first person shooter BioShock will release for the Xbox 360 and PC in June of this year. A two-week-old post at the BioShock Through the Looking Glass Forums from a user named "2K Kimberly" who sports a "2K Games" tag below her name first mentioned the June release.
I'll let you in on the official word on the release date: June 2007. Heard it here first. View: Original Story @ 1Up

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About time we had a decent horror game out, since system shock 2 horror games have sucked (ss2 being the best one of course)

I can't wait for this

I knew this yesterday from IGN. Didn't hear it here first.

I'm going to be getting it for the 360, even though my pc could run it easy peasy.

mouse+keyboard > controllers so pc version for me... when it comes out I should already have the money to get a dx10 card xD

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