BurnAware Professional 2.2.2

BurnAware Professional is the professional̢۪s choice for complete CD & DVD media duplication and Blu-ray Disc recording. Apart from standard features, such as data, audio and video burning, BurnAware Professional offers a wide scope of advanced functionality, allowing you to duplicate CDs and DVDs, make exact copies of discs on your hard drive, write to multiple drives simultaneously.

BurnAware 2.2.2 (12-Jan-2009)
- Added keyboard support to the Welcome Screen.
- Added different colors for buttons in the Welcome Screen.
- Added the Verify checkbox to the Burn screen.
- Resolved the issue with loading of CD session.
- Updated translations.

Download: BurnAware Professional 2.2.2 | Shareware, $40
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I have had zero problems with this program and I have been using it since the first version. Mind you I stopped updating past version 2.1.4. Free. I use it at home and at work.

Unfortunately I have embarrassed my self over 3x times that I recommended this over other burning software (i.e Nero) for reason of being lite and functional. This tool is fast easy and lite but there is ONE problem it doesn't burn Disc that well...

I have seen this program spit out bad burns that fail at the end over and over again. The program fails at the end but when the bad disc is spit out the disc doesn't even look like it has any data on it (burn area) but the disc is unusable. Its like it write the Lead in and stop and the rest is a show...

I have gotten this to work OK but the its record is 15:1 for bad burns. I would be a perfect program if just burned disc right.

And this problem happened on many computer configurations and most of them have been installs that are less then 1 week old.

Please fix this program as I would like to use it as my main software, this problem has existed before the FREE version came out and every version I try it happens...

Isnt this made by someone from NEOWIN?

I can honestly say I've had the opposite experience with this. Used for for about 6 months now all over, never once had a bad burn. Odd.

Not sure if Neowin has something to do with the product or not.

johnny33 said,
Use good media and right options, as I do, and you won't face any problem.

I have had the same exact problem the same media will burn fine in Nero but will fail every time with BurnAware and I have tried Sony Maxell and others with the same results the disc does looks blank but is unreadable after burn.

Mabe BurnAware just does not like my DVD burner.

My media is only and ever has been Verbatim DVD+R DL, this burnaware has done it on over 3 different gaming rigs including quad cores and i7's =(

its weird everything works, but the disc dosent even have ANY burn marks on the bottom but the lead in was started.

If i remember right, this product was made by a member, reason I know if I'm not trying to diss this program I want it to work and have tried every version possible.

If the dev would like to contact me for log's of system info PM me as I would love to fix this issue =)

I was only asking because the version I downloaded last night doesn't like Windows 7. On Windows Vista it worked fine, but on Windows 7 it says it can't find a supported recorder. Doh! I've got the bug logged on the Win 7 connect site.