CES 2012 NVIDIA Press Conference - Updated

NVIDIA will be giving their press conference at CES 2012 and we will be covering it live with photos and commentary. Will a new Tegra processor be announced? Advanced 3D gaming? Follow us to find out!


Neowin Live - This event has concluded

23:48 Christopher White Welcome to this Neowin.net live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
23:48 Christopher White The press conference will begin in around 10 minutes.
23:50 Doug Bemis
00:02 Christopher White Cofounder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang
00:02 Christopher White Going to talk about tablets.
00:02 Christopher White Another surprise feature of Tegra 3.
00:02 Christopher White Tablets are the fastest growing consumer device.
00:03 Christopher White In history.
00:03 Christopher White Touch technology is the key.
00:03 Christopher White 20 million tablets sold in the first year.
00:03 Christopher White 60 million sold in the second year.
00:04 Christopher White 2nd year, nearly 40% of tablets were iPads.
00:05 Christopher White Toyota Corolla is the highest selling car, and the Ford F150 is the highest selling truck, but we all don't drive a Corolla or F150.
00:05 Christopher White It's all about choice.
00:06 Christopher White The tablet market is the same way.
00:06 Christopher White Some want mobile - want a phone. Some people want tablet with a keyboard, some want a folio that can be put into a purse.
00:07 Doug Bemis A single platform. Ice Cream Sandwich.
00:08 Doug Bemis Unifies all Android devices into a single platform -- easier said than done, ut it's a good thing to try.
00:08 Doug Bemis 250M Android devices, growing at 700k activations per day. Crazy growth!
00:09 Doug Bemis That growth will drive application developers.
00:09 Doug Bemis It will no longer be ANdroid phones and Android talets, it will be simply an Android device.
00:10 Doug Bemis Showcasing ICS -- looks silky smooth at 60fps
00:10 Doug Bemis Live demo of the Asus Transformer
00:11 Doug Bemis Folders look nice.
00:11 Doug Bemis Roughly 14k apps released per day.
00:11 Doug Bemis Fandango demo. Showing TinTin (rendered with NVIDIA technology)
00:13 Doug Bemis Snapseed - one of the top apps ever made for moile devices. Lots of people use them on the iPad, but available on Android as well.
00:13 Doug Bemis Manuel Wille demoing the app - he wrote it.
00:14 Doug Bemis Wanted to create an app that can e used by anyone, anytime.
00:15 Doug Bemis The graphical effects were displayed instantly. The NVIDIA chip is doing the processing.
00:17 Doug Bemis Showing a nice demo where using "You Touch" lets you change brighness of only part of the image. Impressive.
00:18 Doug Bemis What's next ijn mobile photography technology? This is only a a starting spot and the Tegra 3 helps the moile devices handle all of this. Nothing really predicted for the future yet, but we're still learning what can be done.
00:18 Doug Bemis Video games are the leading category of mobile devices.
00:19 Doug Bemis Created a store within the Android Marketplace that brings only the games optimized for your device to you.
00:20 Doug Bemis Riptide GP availale on the tablet.
00:21 Doug Bemis Graphics look impressive and are at 60fps Game was previously only available on the PS3.
00:21 Doug Bemis Graphics look impressive and are at 60fps.
00:22 Doug Bemis One of the largest genres of games are first person shooters (FPS) in a multiplayer setting.
00:22 Doug Bemis Never been done before - but today we're going to see Shadowgun on the tablet.
00:22 Doug Bemis Played multiplayer.
00:22 Doug Bemis And with an Xbox controller on the tablet.
00:23 Doug Bemis Overall it looks very impressive - oth graphics, framerate, and the fact that it's multiplayer. Impressive.!
00:24 Doug Bemis The est FPS player in the world is in the audience - Fatility.
00:25 Doug Bemis He brings home 7 figures a year. lol
00:26 Doug Bemis Splashtop THD demo coming up now.
00:26 Doug Bemis Another top iPad app -- over 5 million apps sold.
00:26 Doug Bemis Allows iPads to remote into a PC.
00:27 Doug Bemis The fidelity is low when you do that you get choppy graphics and not great response time. I have a feeling the Tegra is going to change all of that...
00:27 Doug Bemis He just connected to his PC (containing a GeForce GPU) from his talet.
00:28 Doug Bemis The demo is not going well... He clicked and nothing happened... :(
00:28 Doug Bemis Just crashed. Let's try i again!
00:28 Doug Bemis "If it worked perfectly, it wouldn't be a demo."
00:29 Doug Bemis Now we're getting better progress. Playing Saturday Night Fever, and now Justin Timberlake, from the PC through the tablet.
00:29 Doug Bemis And is now viewing a vidio while listening to music.
00:30 Doug Bemis Looks great now that it's working!
00:31 Doug Bemis But what if we take a game that JUST came out a few days ago? Can we play that using the app?
00:31 Doug Bemis Skyrim on the tablet!
00:32 Doug Bemis The game is running now.
00:33 Doug Bemis Wow. ig dragon attacking the hero. Graphics look great. Looks very responsive.
00:34 Doug Bemis The PC renders the graphics, compresses, streams to the tablet, the tablet becomes the controller and it's working great. Playing games from the PC on the tablet is a reality (according to the demo - have any of our readers tried this?)
00:34 Doug Bemis Asus Transformer Prime.
00:35 Doug Bemis NVIDIA is the first to ring a dual core proc to a tablet and a quad core...
00:36 Doug Bemis ICS will be available to the Transformer Prime starting TODAY!;
00:36 Doug Bemis First ICS talet.
00:42 Doug Bemis 7" Transform for $249, Tegra 3, 5 cores, integrated camera
00:43 Doug Bemis
00:43 Doug Bemis
00:43 Doug Bemis
00:43 Doug Bemis
00:43 Doug Bemis
00:43 Doug Bemis
00:44 Doug Bemis The Tegra 3 has a "ninja core" -- a 5th core that uses very little power.
00:44 Doug Bemis Anyone interested in a $249 7" Transformer Prime tablet?
00:45 Doug Bemis PRISM Display Technology - dynamically adjust the backlight and adjust the color at the same time. This helps battery life.
00:46 Doug Bemis Today a new technology -- DirectTouch Topology -- instead of regular touch, the "ninja core" runs at a few hundred megahertz but can detect your screen touch MUCH faster than current tablets.
00:47 Doug Bemis As an example - 10 touches on the screen and the samples/sec go down. With the new DirectTouch technology, the samples stay in the 200 range. Impressive - it's how they get fast framerates.
00:47 Doug Bemis Windows 8 announcement coming up!
00:48 Doug Bemis Tegra 3 running internal development version of Windows 8.
00:49 Doug Bemis The lock screen is showing what's important at a glance. Connected Standby uses Teene.gra's low power standby mode but can keep updating things behind the sc
00:49 Doug Bemis We're now seeing the Metro interface on the tABLET.
00:50 Doug Bemis Consumers didn't like the limitations of the netbook. How do we prevent the repeat of that on the tablet with Win8?
00:50 Doug Bemis In Windows 8, you get apps from the Windows Store.
00:51 Doug Bemis Enterprises can take the tablets and load the apps how they want to without the store (no specific details --- but they CLAIM we can run SAP. I'm skeptical)
00:52 Doug Bemis Windows Store will launch in 200 markets at once.
00:53 Doug Bemis Devs can use whatever model they want - they can get up to 80% of the revenue for themselves. Vague.
00:53 Doug Bemis Windows Runtime - written in HTML5 and JS. Showing an RSS feed of cars.
00:53 Doug Bemis You can also use C or C++.
00:54 Doug Bemis ICS adn Windows 8 - interesting that we see both talked about here.
00:55 Doug Bemis Now a new consumer market - the car indust.ry
00:55 Doug Bemis Two years ago, Audi introduced the "connectred car" - search, browse, use Google Earth. The entire web available in the car.
00:55 Doug Bemis The Audi A7 has won many awards due to its connected capabilities.
00:56 Doug Bemis In a few days, NVIDIA will make another announcement with Audi - stay tuned!
00:56 Doug Bemis Tesla model S will have two Tegra chips - one for the dashboard, one for the entertainment.
00:56 Doug Bemis "From Super Phones to Super Cars" -- and NVIDIA will be powering it all.
00:57 Doug Bemis Stay tuned for pictures and video later today.
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pfff, I'm sleepy now and I'm sitting to hear only one thing... When will we get Kepler? All these 'useless-nonsense' about Tablets etc, dam!

For first time I'm one step away from going to ATI-camp, but dam, I'll wait for Kepler.

dotf said,
Nice Asus device!
I think I just switched.
Until i can make it run windows.

Yeah once it runs windows directly that will be the end of the Kindle Fire and Nook.

Holy smoke! did you see xbox controller on android tablet at Nvidia? wow!

I notice tablet had minor bug like a lot more frame drops and freezes. Please don't claim 60 FPS when you can't maintain it.

calimike said,
Holy smoke! did you see xbox controller on android tablet at Nvidia? wow!

I notice tablet had minor bug like a lot more frame drops and freezes. Please don't claim 60 FPS when you can't maintain it.

We tested out the Xbox controller on the tablet and it actually worked great. We played the same FPS game that was demoed during the press conference and was able to kill the player on the other tablet. Everything was very smooth, I was impressed. We'll hopefully get a hands-on video posted in the near future.

calimike said,
Nvidia is focused on android devices. Is Nvidia dump Windows 8 for Android? Don't be evil!

2000 dedicated engineers doesn't sound like dumping anything to me.