'Dell Adamo' - A mystery product from Dell

After Uptownlife.net published an article about the Dell's mystery product 'Adamo', New York Times and other blogs over the internet speculated the 'Adamo' to be Dell's answer to Apple's Macbook Air. Uptownlife.net later removed the article, but the they had reported that the rumor has it that Dell is coming out with a computer called Adamo that will rival the MacBook Air.

New York Times also added that a recent dig through Dell's trademarks turned up a couple of curiosities about 'Adamo' and 'Adamo by Dell'. According to the documents, the trademarks cover computer hardware, including possibly desktops and laptops. BetaNews was able to grab an inadvertent listing for an 'Adamo' accessory product with the help of Google cache of Dell's accessories on Friday.

Image Courtesy: BetaNews

Also listed were 250 GB and 500 GB external 5400 RPM SATA hard drives, 45W power adaptors, replacement Blu-ray and DVD/CD-RW combo drives, USB memory keys, and automotive/airplane power adaptors. That does sounds like the speculation might be right!

'Dell Adamo' - whatever that is, Dell currently has only one answer to all of the speculators

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i recived an invite from centercode to test a well know manafacture's product but didnt get accepted. this could well be it

As long as they are Vista "capable" they should be OK. At least pre-beta builds of 7 seem to work well with crummy specs.

Hopefully with an optical drive and ethernet port. :P

But if an optical drive's not possible, then at least include an Ethernet port. Because, well, some residences I've been to are not wifi covered.

bmaher said,
I doubt it will include an optical drive if they are listing them as accessories ;-)

But its not listed as a accessory
replacement Blu-ray and DVD/CD-RW combo drives

Replacement to me means its removable

blah. I found them to be good on the home side too if you go through chat. Just make sure to start off by describing the issue followed with a diagnostics log.