EA Calls Fox Out on "Insulting" Mass Effect Inaccuracies

Electronic Arts, likely sick of having their recently-acquired role-playing franchise Mass Effect dragged through the mud on national television, has requested that Fox News Channel correct their error-plagued segment on the game. In the letter, which cites Kotaku, Jeff Brown, EA's vice president of communications, asks Teri VanHorn, producer of the Live Desk with Martha MacCallum, to clarify "serious errors" the channel made in their Mass Effect story.

"As the parent company of BioWare, the studio which created the game, EA would like you to set the record straight on a number of errors and misstatements which incorrectly characterize the story and character interactions in Mass Effect." The letter starts and then proceeds to outline their very strong case.

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Fox News is one overly conservative bs news station that over plays everything to make everything they dont believe in themselves sound horrible...btw i have NO political affiliation so dont go saying im saying that as the other side...

Oh my god that was a horrible news segment. I love how the people that are supposed to be reporting news are starting to know less than enough to make informed statements about it. It's so wonderful :rolleyes:

Good for EA. They have every right to defend such a great game, especially when so many false statements were made about it.

Does anyone really think Fox is a real news station? They're just some full of **** political media group who report on whatever they can spin their own BS into.

there not its a progranda channel they are favor for the war and only report stuff for ratings.Theey are in favor for republicans over dems thats why most dems dont go on foxnews.Plus John Edwards last nite on the david lettermen show said Orielly is crap. Guys I ahvea quetsion does anyone have a video of this and who exactly report this on foxnews and I hope you guys are calling foxnews in NY to complain about this tomorrow or emailing them or etc.

you've never watched fox news have you? just like most of the people who like to diss FOX and O'Reilly, no, you haven't. By the way, Media Matters clips don't count as 'watching fox news'.

in recent studies of media and the 2008 election, FOX has been shown as the most fair towards both Democrats and Republicans in the presidential election during its hard news segments. (Link to Study). This study did not look at the O'Reilly Factor or Hannity & Colmes, but those are opinion programs and do not pretend to be objective. Regardless, in addition:

FOX was recently rated the most trusted national news channel (out of CNN, MSNBC, FNC, and others) by a wide margin, and while each other major network is seen as 'somewhat or mostly liberal', fox is the only one percieved as 'somewhat or mostly conservative'. (Link to Study)

I do not believe that FOX News is a propaganda station, and they were certainly not the only channel to support the war in the leadup to the Iraq war.

EDIT: And by the way I do think that their coverage of this game was inaccurate and unneccesary, however i'd like to see how other channels covered it.

and you can probably find a video of this on foxnews.com

(CUBBYJR2005 said @ #10)
Plus John Edwards last nite on the david lettermen show said Orielly is crap.

No, let's get that straight. Letterman said O'Reilly is a liar, Edwards didn't say it. Then Letterman asked Edwards if he agreed, and Edwards didn't really pursue the topic.

Anyway, everyone knows Fox News is crap. Letterman talking about it was a joke.

edwards did pursue it. he started going on about what o'reilly said (by the way, edward's representation of what he said is a COMPLETE distortion) and how there's a 'feud' between them.

miles hey I aint the only one dissing them dont attack me personally on this pal

The other channels didnt cover it only foxnews and yes you are right about orielly and hannity as opinated but I was talking in general and those two shows.Foxnews sorry does stuff for ratings for example the thing with someone that was in the news yesterday and they start to spread rumors but cnn saids we will not deny nor confirm till the thing is done before we say stuff and that what jouranlist are supposed to do not make there personal opinions or tell people false info or make stuff up to get ratings.Now I aint saying foxnews is totally bad they do report some good stuff especially orielly I like how he tough but most of his stuff he saids is crap and alot of people agree with me.

im sure alot of people do agree with you but like i said, i believe that a good chunk of those people have never actually watched FOX news and just absorb what they see on Media Matters.

but honestly, to call FOX a propaganda station is a little excessive, especially since your backup for this is: "John Edwards last nite on the david lettermen show said Orielly is crap." and other stations are better because
"cnn saids we will not deny nor confirm till the thing is done before we say stuff".

What John Edwards says about FOX News on a late night show probably isn't the first place you should run to if you're looking to not be exposed to propaganda.

miles the John Edwards was on the news channels was not just david letterman.Other people have call it propaganda and I forget where I found that info or heard it form but people have call it that I aint saying I totally agree with it but I am halfway meaning agree and disagree but majority I just not a fan of foxnews and dont like there tatics thats all.

i still don't see how "____ called it propaganda!" is evidence against fox news. and of course john edwards is going to insult fox news on as many outlets as he can, he's in the democratic primary and he's playing to his base, which is generally uninformed about fox news. (in my opinion)

miles I just watch the video on foxnews I understand where they are coming from but forgodsakes geoff was right what he said and also they cut him off before he try to get the last word in.

i agree with you, i didn't like their reporting on that segment, but i dont think it was really THAT bad.

i didn't see them cut him off once, and they had two experts with opposing viewpoints to discuss the issue. they went out of their way to show both points of view and make its balanced. i think they achieved it fairly well.

that being said, i do disagree with them even having this as a story, since in my opinion it isn't really a story in the first place.

(milesfromordinary said @ #12)
that being said, i do disagree with them even having this as a story, since in my opinion it isn't really a story in the first place.

That's the problem with the newsmedia. They fill your head full of bull****. What they report isn't the real news, it is a diversion.

It's also now a business. They're making a profit from their so-called "news" stories, which are written to get as much of an audience as possible.

The news should be publicly funded, so that corporate criminals don't use it to spread propaganda, and so that there's no need for them to worry about ratings. That's the only way you'll get unbiased news, and the truth.

i disagree.

news has always been a business so there's nothing new about having them write to fit an audience.

are you honestly saying that to end the spread of what you call propaganda, the GOVERNMENT should get involved with their money being thrown around? THATS how you think we'd get unbiased news, and the truth?

Canada has the CBC in that situation, and believe me, it is ANYTHING but unbiased.

It is impossible to have a completely objective news media, but the closest you can come to it is to try to portray multiple points of view.

Watch the segment on foxnews.com. If you still think it's propaganda, please take a step away from the computer, get some fresh air, and clear your head.

when I mean cut off I mean they said we gotta go and they switch to the other panel guess you and I see that differently when he was trying to get the last word in before they switch panels.

Bad publicity is free publicity... bad games do not get made into free games... so I'll probably never get to play this anyways.

FOX News... where if you are a former teen usa, super model, or Miss USA... You got a job... seriously they have more models / Pagent winners per anchor then any other news station out there... i think I read it was 3:1 or something like that

I watch FOX and then make up my own mind based on what is said and what I read elsewhere.

The folks that are badmouthing FOX, please tell me where I can go and receive any unbiased news reporting on TV/Cable? The Wall Street Journal is the closest print media that does not use its news pages for editorials. Look at the major national newspapers and it is difficult to see a difference between the front page and the editorials. All of the other TV/Cable outlets push their liberal agendas and the same things that have been said about FOX apply equally to the other channels.

Does FOX screw up stories: certainly, but they generally offer corrections when the story is factually incorrect.

I have seen plenty of CNN/MSNBC, etc coverage where partial facts are offered has whole truths.

Many of their "models" are attorneys, that left that rat race, and moved to less stressful/lucrative employment.

(fhertlein said @ #16)
I watch FOX and then make up my own mind based on what is said and what I read elsewhere.

This is exactly what most people should do. It doesn't have to be FOX that they watch mainly, but regardless of your preferred network, you should always look to other sources to get other opinions or points of view. It is basically the only way to extrapolate the hard facts these days.

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