Easter Egg enables Aero Lite Glass in Windows 8 DP & Beta

A small Easter Egg has been recently discovered in the Windows 8 Developer Preview & Windows 8 Beta, turning the transparency back up in the new Aero Lite user interface of the upcoming operating system. Aero Lite is expected to be the alternative Windows theme for users with low-end hardware specs, meaning a lot of the flash is turned down or off when Aero Lite is enabled.

Aero Lite Basic.

Aero Lite Glass.

The Easter Egg, discovered by WinUnleaked.tk, is simple and can be tested by anyone with the dev preview. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Enable Aero Lite (Windows Basic)
  2. Navigate to \windows\system32\
  3. Launch WindowsAnytimeUpgradeResults.exe

That's it! Enjoy Aero Lite Glass.

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