Facebook holds empty office in Amsterdam

Facebook is worth a huge amount of money, and with a huge amount of value, a large amount of tax is also incurred. It was discovered that the company owns an unused office in Amsterdam recently, with no employees and questions being raised over this.

The news was first broken in Dutch, by De Pers, and then translated into English by Dutch News. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce reports that Facebook Netherlands BV is registered at Herengracht 282, which is a complex of temporary offices. The offices are owned by the Regus group, and Facebook holds one of them. Despite this, the company is not listed at reception and does not have a phone number. The company's official registration at the Chamber of Commerce claims that it would focus on selling advertising space, though has expanded into a financial holding company. 

The Dutch expansion, according to De Pers, corresponds with the company's fiscal strategy. The lack of workers supposedly could allow the company to avoid taxation, which would go against Zuckerberg's previous quotation that his goal was to change the world, rather than make money. The Netherlands is a popular location for 'letterbox companies', with over 20,000 existing in the country. Google also holds a base in The Netherlands, with no employees. The reason the country is popular for this is because it does not levy tax on royalties earned from overseas. Musical groups such as the Rolling Stones and U2 have previously made use of this part of Dutch legislation.

Facebook Netherlands BV is owned by Delaware-based Facebook Global Holdings. According to the ActionAid charity, The Netherlands is second only to the state of Delaware as a tax haven for London-listed companies.

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U2 main singer, Bono, goes around telling countries to forgive the debt to Africa, but then he refuses to pay his taxes in his home country of Ireland and moves his residence to Netherlands, it's ok not wanting to pay taxes, but it's not ok being and hypocrite like Bono is.

U2 is worth millions of Euros and he can't even agree to pay his fair share of tax like everyone, now talk to me about greed.

ltoshev said,

Going through each and every event would be a long time consuming progress, so I'll just state the facts; many eastern european (not polish) lorry drivers drive dangerously in the UK, many kill harmless innocent civilians, and of those that do, a good 95% chunk escape to europe before they're sentanced. Then there's the NHS scammers nicking details, and the dodgy driveway people, etc.
Oh yeah, I guess that's actually a good reason to say **** YOU to parts of eastern europe.

ltoshev said,
I'm happy they do that to Netherlands, and they should keep that office empty forever, because of the xenophobic behavior of the dutch related to eastern Europe.

This is the site I'm talking about: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/a...s_with_poles_report_the.php

I would be glad to see the dutch out of European Union for good.

any idea how many eastern europeans come here to abuse our rights and freedom they gotten less then 20 years ago and dont know how to handle?
you know crime in Holland is 87% foreigners?
you know holland has issues with foreigners for 30-40 years already?
you know the PVV is a light version of governmental parties we had in the 70s and 80s, which where allot harder and worse on statements then the PVV ever has had.

eastern europe != northwest, different standards and culture, it was to soon to allow them into the EU like our country. we had 70years of democracy and peace, ontop of the past 300-400 years of 'sophisication' we have had. those countries don't have that. They are poor and the vast majority that comes here from eastern europe, simply abuses our godforsaken rights off freedom and openness.

i wounder if the founder of faceook also has an offshore account setup in the name of his pet dog. the system should be changed so companies cant doge taxes

ataris_kid said,
If it's within the rules of the system, what's the issue? No one likes paying taxes.
Exactly.. Good on them for finding a way round it, tbh.

moving companies to off shores is pretty much popular in russia among that "elites" who are now opposes to putin

jdegree said,
Nothing wrong with what Facebook is doing. Major manufacturing have been doing the same for years.

I think the point is that this kind of goes against zuckerbergs comments.

duddit2 said,

I think the point is that this kind of goes against zuckerbergs comments.

U2 bono does the same, avoiding taxes through holland. and he is a FB shareholder

actually oversea taxes are 5% in the netherlands.
however facebook uses the dutch location for our agreement with Hong Kong. They have an empty 'letterbox office' over there too, this way tax is around 2% for them.

ah well, its all free money for our country tho