Firefox leaks info useful to attackers

Mozilla's head of security yesterday confirmed a bug in Firefox that could be used by attackers to scout out a system prior to mounting a more thorough assault. The flaw, said Window Snyder, Mozilla Corp.'s chief security officer, is in the browser's chrome protocol, she said in response to reports of the vulnerability and the public posting of a proof-of-concept exploit. "Chrome" is the Firefox term for its user interface. Access to a user's machine would be through one of many Firefox extensions packaged in a flat file structure, rather than collected into a single Java archive, or .jar file, said Snyder. Several popular add-ons, including Download Statusbar and Greasemonkey, use a flat file structure. "Users are only at risk if they have one of the 'flat' packaged add-ons installed," Snyder said on the Mozilla security blog.

By leading users to a tricked-out Web page, criminals could sniff for information that might be useful in more aggressive attacks, Snyder acknowledged. "A visited attacking page is able to load images, scripts or style sheets from known locations on the disk," she said. "Attackers may use this method to detect the presence of files which may give an attacker information about which applications are installed. This information may be used to profile the system for a different kind of attack." Firefox developers are working on a patch, according to a thread on Bugzilla, Mozilla's bug-tracking and management site, but a fix has not yet been coded.

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A potentially important part of the article missed in the story copy however:

Firefox users can also deploy another add-on, the popular NoScript, to block exploits, regardless of which extensions have been installed, updated or not. "[NoScript] block[s] chrome JavaScript load attempts," reported Giorgio Maone, NoScript's maker, on the same Bugzilla thread.

Not a permanent fix (lol anything related to browsers permanent?) but something that can be used while something is developed.

(swandike said @ #1)
why report it?...who cares? once everyone know...some mfck will start using it against ordinary people

Because if this was IE, every IT news site would be all over it.

Can't have a double-standard, fanboy.

report it so people are aware of it adn can avoid any possible issues so the 'mfck' can't use it against 'ordinary people'.... when you can write exploit code let me know, not everyone can do it, in fact not a lot of people's not that easy..

its like saying....'hey Tesco has no security guard in the night after 2am and doors ar open with no CCTV.' All thieves will be happy to know that.

(swandike said @ #1.5)
its like saying....'hey Tesco has no security guard in the night after 2am and doors ar open with no CCTV.' All thieves will be happy to know that.

however you have no idea where that tesco is so the thieves will need to run around to every single tesco to find out which one it is...and by the time they have, the security guard will be back and the doors locked