First iPhone Review Available

The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg and Katherine Boehret have posted their review of the Apple iPhone.

Mossberg and Bohret tested the iPhone for two weeks in multiple usage scenarios and in various cities:

Our verdict is that, despite some flaws and feature omissions, the iPhone is, on balance, a beautiful and breakthrough handheld computer. Its software, especially, sets a new bar for the smart-phone industry, and its clever finger-touch interface, which dispenses with a stylus and most buttons, works well, though it sometimes adds steps to common functions.

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every time I read about the iPhone in some business magazine the journalist says somehting like "wow its remarkable, its not only a phone but a browser and a music player too! Apple's gonna be rich!" how come these people who spend their lives reseacrhing the market fail to notice that phones with a web browser and music play back have been around for about 4 years?

Everyone seems to be forgetting this is a first generation device. Sure it doesn't do everything that a combination of every of phone out there does, but then neither does every other phone out there. It's not *gasp* perfect.

Remember, anything software related can be changed, and Apple has said it will be providing updates as time goes on. That's ignoring the near fact that it likely won't be long before we see a revised iPhone and then another and another...

and people will still buy this, its a outdated machine, no 3g was very big mistake, the battery should be easy to replace like any cellphone, no expandible memory (aka sd slot), and NO COPY PASTE, i mean wth its wrong with this device

Not a fan of at&t or edge but good to hear the keyboard works good after you get used to it. I wont be buying this phone because if the network its on.

Im guessing the reason they're using EDGE to maximise battery life, using something 3G like UMTS, would cripple the battery in about 2 minutes I presume.

older technology + newer better battery technology = OMG! my iPhone battery lasts for ages, 6 hours internet use!!!

Now looking at some interesting statistics........

other phones probably dont last quite as long as the iPhone but you can transfer data at up to 3.6 Mbit/s on modern UMTS networks (and in theory can go up to 14Mbit/s with the right ones), compared to EDGE which uses only about 0.25Mbit/s transfer

So 6 hours of internet use on the iPhone, using something else on a 3.6Mbit/s network you only need to be online for 25mins

More like:


I guess my biggest problem with it is no additional apps allowed (WEB 2.0 apps, big deal). If there were a way for me to gt an ebook reader on this thing, I'd be tempted. I am in the market for a new converged device to replace my RAZR and current IPAQ. This phone is just not it. It's pretty and if your love is more music and video than more "mundane" tasks like I can do on my Win Mobile 5 device, then go for it. I'd still be sorely tempted if it were a couple hundred $$ less than it is.

The HTC Touch is a closer device for my needs than the iPhone, but if has it's big drawbacks, too. Still on the hunt...

Well i must admit that OSX in the iPhone is very fahion and have the "nice" factor, I'm a Windows mobile fan and the competition is always good, the iPhone will make others phone's makers to make better phones and Microsoft make a better Windows mobile OS.


First, a iphone looks the same that almost any PDA around here (without a build-in keyboard), for example Axim, HTS and such. So iphone is not more fashionable that any older PDA.

Second Windows mobile stink!. Almost all cellphone can runs without a hard reset but windows-ce smartphone also manufactured launch little or not patch for issue all troubles that can come with those phones.

Well i'd suggest its likely not to stop someone buying a device but given the profits of the mp3 ringtone content providers id suggest alot of people are happy to pay good money for mp3 ringtones....not to mention the obvious point of it being such a stock standard feature of mobiles these days...nor the contradictions with selling a media based device as evinced from the fact that it heavily relies on iTunes and not including such an obvious feature to most people will appear to be redundant, but not a necessary variable in their decision to purchase.

As for the video camera, im personally inclined to agree with you, but again given its promoted youtube support, given that video recording is a stockstandard feature on most camera phones and given the % of youtube comprised of videocamera based recordings, again will likely appear to people as an obvious question of why cant this device do that...

ooooh... no mp3 ringtones! what a shame! THATS a reason for not buying a cell phone, defenately!

no, seriously, no copy and past sucks, just as no adobe flash support but ... seriously (again) ... who the **** needs mp3 ringtones really? and who the hell cares about video with a crappy handheld cam?

redmosquito said,
seriously (again) ... who the **** needs mp3 ringtones really?

Well I sure dont need it... but then again for a phone which is $500 it had better do more than I need it to! Especially with features that are standard everywhere else on phones for years!

Im afraid a stylish device with eye candy transition effects, just doesn't justify the large costs, restrictions and appaling array of non supported features for me.

I blame Microsoft and the manufactuers who make windows Mobile devices for their distinct lack of advertising, the cost of which is an array of people happy to call this the "god phone" despite much better and affordable and vastly less restricted technology being out there. With the exception of its multitouch interface its comparatively using the technology specs of a Windows 2003SE device.

To Apples credit though millions of people getting ready to sign up for two years to get one of these and tolerate an "activation fee" so I don't know what category to give them the thumbs up in, but they have obviously done something right.

Although I am still shocked that such a media driven device lacks the capacity to set mp3 ringtones, that should be on the top of apples first update to fix.

testman said,
That's right, blame Microsoft for an Apple product. There's always one :rolleyes:

there is isn't there, i think MS is at fault becasue ummmm, ummmm, i am sure i will think of some reason eventually

Here's a few fresh n' interesting iPhone facts right off the presses:

* The mobile version of OS X or whatever it is the iPhone runs takes up 700MB of the device's capacity. Damn son!
* There's no way to cut, copy, or paste text! WHOA! Big, big mistake.
* No A2DP support. That, friends, is such a huge bummer right there.
* Sorry, music can't be used as a ringtone -- even if it's just a raw MP3. No additional ringtones will be sold at launch.
* On a PC the iPhone syncs with Outlook for calendars AND addresses! Noice.
* It supports Exchange in some capacity, according to Walt, but he doesn't exactly say how.
* Pogue again confirms document file reading -- but not editing -- for PDF, Word, and Excel (only).
* Adobe Flash support is officially out. It's just not in the browser. Neither is there any other kind of embedded video support. Sorry everybody, that's that.
* It will take snaps, but won't record video. How can Apple love YouTube as much as it does and not realize cellphone-shot movies make up a sizeable chunk of the crazy crap you find on there?
* Oh, and no MMS. And sorry, no voice dialing, either.
* Contact groups can't be emailed as contact lists.
* Apple sez between 300-400 charges the iPhone will lose battery capacity -- you'll send it in and get the cell replaced for a fee. Meh. We knew this would be the case, but still, meh.
* Apple can (and supposedly will) be rolling out periodic updates -- no surprise there.
* Battery life is, somehow, almost as mind-blowingly good as Apple claims for calls, music, and movies.
* As we suspected, users are prompted with lists of WiFi networks if you're not nearby a trusted hotspot. We've seen this on other phones, and we're afraid this would get friggin annoying.
* It's said to be very scratch resistant. The facade both front and rear apparently just doesn't pick up marring like regular iPods do.
* Voice quality is said to be good -- not great.


Eros said,
* Apple sez between 300-400 charges the iPhone will lose battery capacity -- you'll send it in and get the cell replaced for a fee. Meh. We knew this would be the case, but still, meh.


And considering that most people can't live without their phone anyways, it is more than just a montary fee if they have to be without their phone for a week or two. At least when all other phone's batteries die out they just go to the store buy a new battery and swap it out, or they buy a new phone which probably will not be an option for a $500 phone.

- largest, highest resolution screen of any smart phone they've seen, most internal memory
- Impressive battery life and thin
- Feels solid
- Regarding the touch keyboard: "After five days of use, Walt -- who did most of the testing for this review -- was able to type on it as quickly and accurately as he could on the Palm Treo he has used for years."
- Can't use T-Mobile SIM cards
- Wi-Fi capability doesn't fully make up for the lack of a fast cellular data capability
- Multitouch: "effective, practical and fun"
- No way to copy/paste text
- Microsoft's Exchange system support
- Voice call quality was good, but not great
- Can't record video
- No Adobe Flash support
- Songs can't be set as ringtones

- largest, highest resolution screen of any smart phone they've seen, most internal memory
Nope, the HTC Athena and the HTC Universal are both smartphones that have 640x480 screens, which come out way before iPhone.