Get a free address thanks to Google, BT and PayPal [UK]

Google and several other partners have clubbed together with the aim of giving away 100,000 free web addresses to small business in the UK.

Running under the slogan "Getting British business online", the initiative is a partnership that includes the backing of Google, BT, Enterprise UK, e-skills UK and PayPal. Google will be providing registration services and hosting via its Google Apps platform and BT will offer business free advice and phone support to help them create their online prescence. PayPal will enable businesses to turn their site into an ecommerce platform in the coming months.

Google hopes that free, easy to use websites will give UK businesses the boost they need. "With over 40 million people in the UK now online there has never been a better time for small businesses to use the Internet, enabling them to reach new customers in new markets," said Matt Brittin, UK managing director, Google.

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Pity you're stuck with using the crappy Google Sites templates, rather than having the option to
upload your own web pages you've created yourself. This is fine for people wanting to setup a
personal website, but not for most businesses. Mind you, even personal websites have been
renered effectively obsolete with the like of weblogs, Facebook and Twitter.

Other than that, I suppose it's OK for very small businesses and startups to get themselves a
no-frills, basic web presence before they upgrade to something a bit more flexible and more
professional, with a decent amount of web space, control panels, FTP, and all the other
facilities you'd expect from a proper web hosting service.

I have .. obviously!

The problem is I can see the site , it loads just fine , but it doesn't appear under my sites in google ..

"You arent participating in any sites under"; is all I see .. still , I suppose I got the domain name OK!

Well it's easy enough to get a domain name and create a basic web page .. but then what?

How do you get to cpanel and all that jazz??

cleverclogs said,
Microsoft were doing free .com domains and still are aren't they?

Sort of. You can now only acquire Microsoft's domains. I tried it and mine was or something like that. A few years ago you could get a free domain for an entire year

Decaytion said,
... I tried so hard to get one but I can't since I live in the USA... how about free .us domains next google!

Yeah not being a UK citizen is something of a barrier of entry to a free offer for UK domains