Giveaway: Epic Quest for PSN; win it before you can buy it! [Update]

If you like pinball, do yourself a favor and download the Pinball FX2 framework from PSN. The initial download is free and there are dozens of demo tables to download. It's by far the best pinball game on the market. We've reviewed some of the tables in the past, and have always been left with a positive impression.

Zen Studios, the creator of Pinball FX2, is releasing a new table on Valentine's Day. Titled Epic Quest, it merges pinball and a role-playing game into one. We'll be publishing our review soon, but we wanted to give out some free codes to download the game before it's even available to purchase!

There are three main ways to enter, and each of the first two methods can be done once per day:

  1. Make a comment in this thread stating why you want to play Epic Quest.
  2. Re-tweet this post with the above Tweet button and add @zen_studios to the end of the tweet.
  3. You can also gain an additional entry by "liking" us on Facebook if you haven't already done so (one entry only).

Since we have three codes to giveaway, we're going to mix it up a little and give a fourth way to win. In your comment, describe a pinball table that you'd like to see Zen Studios make. There's no guarantee that they'll create your idea, but we'll select the one we find most interesting and give that person a code as well. Be creative!

We will give one code away tonight at 11pm EST and a second code tomorrow at noon EST. The third code will be given away sometime Monday afternoon after we read all of the entries. Winners are free to share their experiences on the forums.

Update #1: Congrats Boxster17 for winning the first code! To everyone else, the next drawing will be Sunday at noon EST, so good luck!

Update #2: Congrats to fish for winning the second code! To everyone else, the next drawing will be sometime Monday afternoon and we'll select what we think is the best, most creative pinball table idea!  Good luck!

Update #3: Congrats to D34dl1n3r for winning the third and final code! Enjoy!

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I've wanted to play another pinball game since Metroid Prime Pinball.

I would like to see another good license table. Since they've done the whole Marvel thing what I'd like to see if a really good one based on Doctor Who. Multiball could be multiple Doctors. It would have a story which is kind of awesome.. Pinball with a story. there could be time travel elements when you get the ball in a blue box.

I am a total pinball addict, I'm always playing on my droid, and having a pinball game on the PS3 would totally be awesome! I'd absolutely LOVE IT if I was a winner!

I hadn't played a pinball game in years until I tried Marvel Pinball recently and it made me realize I've been missing out! I'd like to see what this one has to offer.

Fish said,
Pinball is ace. Zen Pinball rocks. I will play this game. A free table would be nice

Winner winner, chicken dinner! You won the second drawing, noon EST on Sunday. Check your private messages for a PSN code.

Everyone else: The last drawing will be tomorrow and we're looking suggestions for new pinball tables! Be creative and good luck!

I'd like a code, because Pinball FX2 or Pinball in general is one of the most relaxing games on XBLA. Totally zoning out playing that game without the stress a game like Geometry Wars put you under!

I really enjoy Pinball FX. It kind of reminds me when I was in the service and used to play "The Shadow" and "Star Wars" at the pizza place on base. Chain smoking cigarettes in an earlier time when it was acceptable and with a pitcher of beer on hand on the side table. I was so good at "The Shadow" pinball, I flipped the top score and received three free credits. The tense situation of "Shooting the Deathstar" within the limited time frame would make your heart beat in anticipation. Do you guys remember that knocking when you won a free game? That was the sound of victory! I miss pinball. It was replaced by the consoles and computer versions but it will never be the same. It was a time lost to those too young and never forgotten in its' prime. Pinball FX comes close but it will be be the same.

I wish they had more classic game / cartoon tables such as "TMNT", "MegaMan", "SouthPark", "Simpsons".

I would buy all those tables as DLC

I'll bite, as consoles seem to be the only place you can really play pinball games anymore so new tables are always welcome (seems most bars around here have gotten rid of them or the ones that had them have closed). Usually good for some quick fun with friends of any type, they don't even need to be into video games too much to enjoy these.

Winner winner, chicken dinner! You won the first drawing, 11pm EST on Saturday. Check your private messages for a PSN code.

Everyone else: The next drawing will be tomorrow. Enter to win!

Well I ended up playing this for an hour or so and it's probably my favorite table of the ones that I have.

There's monsters, loot, armor and princesses. Kept messing up when battling the monsters; I could hit the locations needed to while messing around before these battles but when it came time to actually do it I'd miss or lose the ball. Took me a little bit to get back into the swing of things but overall it's a good time.

I enjoyed the layout of the table a bit more than some of the other ones which I find can be a bit trickier to track at times unless you spend some time looking it over well. The more simplistic layout for this one works given how you're going to be battling monsters most of the time.

This will probably end up being the table I come back and play the most to be perfectly honest. I just found it to be the most fun from the 5-6 I have to chose from.

Hey. I want it. I love pinballs, but since arcades disappeared around here, I haven`t been able to play them.