Global version of Galaxy S II gets Android 4.0 March 10 ... or not [Update]

Update - It looks like Samsung, via its Twitter page, has now denied that the Galaxy S II will be getting its ICS revamp on Saturday. Oh well.

Original Story - It looks like at least one version of Samsung's popular Galaxy S II smartphone will be getting a nice upgrade on Saturday, March 10. That's the day that Samsung will launch the Android 4.0 update for the GT-I9100 (global) version of the smartphone.

Samsung's web site offers up a document about the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) upgrade. It confirms that once the update is completed the smartphone will have a number of new features such as Face Unlock, Android Beam and the Mobile Network Data usage tool. In addition, Samsung claims that multi-tasking on some applications will be approved.

The bad news? The document also says that the smartphone's Flash support has been disabled with this upgrade. If you have the GT-I9100 version of the Galaxy S II you will be able to update to Android 4.0 with Kies 2.0.

Keep in mind that this ICS upgrade is just for one version of the Galaxy S II. The other versions of the smartphone, including the three that are sold in the US (via AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile) will likely have to wait a while longer to get their Android 4.0 update, thanks mostly to the wireless carriers who will have to test the upgrade before sending it out to the smartphone's owners.

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Re: Update - It looks like Samsung, via its Twitter page, has now denied that the Galaxy S II will be getting its ICS revamp on Saturday. Oh well.


I wish they'd just kill TouchWiz. It's not like average people whom TouchWiz is targeted towards would even know how to upgrade the phone's OS, nor the 'need' to.

brent3000 said,
Love the reference to the non English twitter update 0_o

Love Chrome's translation of it more.
[Let you know that the upgrade from 10 Galaxy S2 ICS Samsung Electronics website Filipino ascended to the post wrong article are not true. Once the upgrade schedule is confirmed through twitter let me.

Reply 1:
Sandwich eopgeul not have to bother what is now El eseuturang-to-S-T and so on ... what does that have a very pleasant spender.

Reply 3:
No, you're supposed to always replace ... I'll thank two referees called the exact sauce.

Although using the "alternate" translations option does actually have better translations...

Ony said,
Been waiting for this for ages.... But no flash kinda destroys all hope...

ages? ICS hasn't been out for very long yet

Ci7 said,
didn't they say starting 15 march?

Samsung Israel said March 15th. According to an e-mail sent to Samsung last week, Q2 2012. lol