Google Street + Twitter = Stweet?

That's right, Stweet is a mash up between Google Street View and Twitter! Now you can navigate the streets of the world and see who has been there before you and what they've said!

Certain Twitter applications can let Twitter know your location. What Stweet does is takes those co-ordinates and determines where in the world you are before dropping your message down on the street. One such applications is TwitterFon.

Just as with Twitter initially, the uses may seem few and far between. However, if there is one thing Twitter has showed us, it's that we probably underestimate everything.

With such an increase in the locating capabilities of software, it's no surprise that privacy issues are arising. Perhaps Big Brother is here, and perhaps his name is Stweet?

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Someone's criticism attempts must have failed... ;)

This "enhancement" sounds about as interesting in finding out what someone at at the streetcorner vendor last week...