Google's Chrome App Launcher for Windows released

There are a lot of users of Google's Chrome web browser for Windows, although just how many is not clear. StatCounter claims that Chrome is the world's most popular web browser but Net Applications says that the current version of Chrome is still second behind Microsoft's IE8.

Today, Google quietly released a new application for Chrome users that should make it faster to access Google's services and other apps. It's the Chrome App Launcher, and its now available to download from the Chrome Webstore for Windows 7 and 8. The launcher was previously available for users of Chromebooks via Chrome OS; the Windows version has also been available as a developer preview but now everyone can download it.

Once installed, the launcher shows up on the desktop of Windows 7 and 8 as an icon, and it can also be accessed via the taskbar and start page. Bringing up the launcher shows icons that let users quickly access Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, the Chrome Store and more; there's also a search bar on top of the launcher.

Google is apparently working on versions of the Chrome App Launcher for OS X and Linux but so far there's no indication on when they will be available.

Source: Chrome Webstore via Engadget | Image via Google

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I've had this on my Stable release for 3 months now. How is this news? If you downloaded an App called Text Drive, you were immediately prompted to install the launcher. There was 1 of 5 apps that prompted you to do it 3 months ago without having the Beta or Dev.

Anyway, I like it. It sits right next to my Start Button and I can quickly jump into any of my favorite Google Services.

I got so tired of the "Google uber alles" nagging on my PC (No, for the millionth time, I do not want Google as my home page, why can't you accept that and quit asking me, for crissakes) that I finally ditched everything Google. Can't say I miss it, Outlook RT is everything I need and IE11 is no slouch either. Ditched Android too, even happier about that, but that's a comment for another thread. See ya Google, wish I could say it was great, but it really wasn't...

Nimdock said,
No way I am polluting my computer with any Google software.

Instead you pollute this story with your pointless comment. Smart. /s

They didn't invent simplicity, but they started this revolution of simplicity. They did invent a very simple UI (not necessarily UX for some) though