Is Lulzsec coming back?

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According to Lulzsec, 'all your base are belong to us.' Or at least, according to someone claiming to be Lulzsec - a new video on YouTube claims the group is planning a big come back data dump.

CISPA: another privacy nightmare?

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A new piece of legislation is causing an uproar among privacy advocates regarding the bill, which encourages ISPs to share information regarding cybersecurity threats and piracy with the government.

College Leads Cybersecurity Drive

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America's UC Berkeley is to lead the fight for cybersecurity in the USA. Experts from a number of colleges, led by the California-based university, will work together at a new "TRUST" - or Team for...

Government forms cybersecurity unit

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The Department of Homeland Security on Friday said it created a new division to address threats to the nation's technological infrastructure. Called the National Cyber Security Division (NCSD), the 60-person unit is charged with...

Bush Ramps Up Cybersecurity Research Funding

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President Bush signed into law a measure that will almost quadruple federal spending by 2007 on computer security research, reflecting the heightened interest Washington has taken in the issue over the past year. ...

White House tackles cybersecurity

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The White House's cyberspace security plan, scheduled to be released Wednesday, envisions a broad new role for the federal government in maintaining Internet security. While couching many concepts as mere suggestions, a draft of...

The FBI's top 20 cybersecurity threats

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Looking for a great way to get fired? I can't think of a better way than to have your network grind to a halt because you failed to patch a well-known vulnerability, and I also...

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