Microsoft to enable IPv6 on Bing

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After the IANA finally distributed the last of the available IPv4 addresses to RIRs, Microsoft is announcing that they will be officially rolling out IPv6 functionality for Bing.com on World IPv6 day on June 8,...


Egypt shuts off last ISP

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Egypt has just shut down their last remaining ISP in the country, preventing anyone there from accessing the Internet. Their last remaining ISP, Noor, has just went offline, taking down their stock exchange. Late last week,...


ISPs: UK porn block not possible

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Earlier this week, it was reported the UK government is considering an opt-in option for accessing online porn. This plan will be discussed in January with the UK’s leading ISP’s including BT, Virgin Media, as...

TalkTalk stages file-sharing wi-fi stunt

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British ISP TalkTalk has staged a stunt aimed at proving to Lord Mandelson that his plans to cut-off file-sharers without due process is "naive". The company's stunt demonstrates how innocent parties could easily be disconnected...


Google prepping broadband-monitoring tools

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Google has announced that Google engineers have been working on tools to help identify if you are the victim of ISP throttling. With many ISP's now "shaping" the networks, many users are curious whether...

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