Use your butt as a car key

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A research organization in Tokyo has invented a scanner that reads the driver's backside and refuses to start the car if it doesn't match the butt of the owner. Will the technology sweep the world?

UK Police Can Now Demand Encryption Keys

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People in the UK who encrypt their data are now obliged by law to give up the encryption keys to law enforcement officials who request it, under part of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act...

HD players hand over DVD keys

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A consortium backing the encryption system for high-definition DVDs has confirmed hackers have stolen "title keys" and used them to decrypt high-definition discs. Both the title keys and a number of decrypted films have been...

Microsoft runs out of Vista product keys

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A small hitch has cropped up in Microsoft's beta-testing program for Vista: the software giant has temporarily run out of product keys for testers. The following update was posted on the password-protected Microsoft Connect website,...

ET, PunkBuster & Missing CD Keys

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Even Balance Inc. have updated their PunkBuster Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory news with information on "Empty CDKey" messages. Players who are getting "Empty CDKey" messages trying to connect to PunkBuster ET Servers may attempt...


Hot Keys permissions bypass under XP

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Many thanks must go to New Order for the heads up on this vunerability. A flaw in XP's hot keys could allow non-administrative users to execute Administrator owned applications which are...


Active Keys 1.0 Beta 5

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Active Keys is a tool for creating and managing keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys). It allows to perform a lot of actions with a single keystroke. Using system wide hotkeys you can control CD Audio, Winamp, Windows...

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