Retro Wednesday: E3 1995

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Retro Wednesday takes you back in time to visit the very first E3 way back in 1995, showing off Nintendo's Ultra 64 prototype, the Virtual Boy, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Atari Jaguar, and much more.

Review: Football Manager 2012

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It is that time of year again, the football (soccer) season has started up and a new Football Manager game is all set for release, but does this latest 2012 edition have enough new features?

New Aliens console game announced

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The Aliens movie franchise will be getting a new console game thanks to the development team behind the Total War series of PC RTS games. reports that the UK-based team The Creative Assembly is...


E3 2009: List of attendees

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As the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) draws near, the list of this year's attendees continues to grow. The 2009 E3 is scheduled to run from June 2-4 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Unlike previous...

Blaze announces portable MegaDrive

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New handheld boasts 20 in-built retro classics including Sonic and Knuckles, Shinobi, Ecco the Dolphin and Golden Axe Gamecheat specialist Blaze has announced a brand new Sega MegaDrive based handheld, which includes 20 16-bit titles...

Sega Confirms Wii NiGHTS For U.S. This Fall

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Following a flurry of internet reports and speculation over the past week, Sega of America has confirmed the upcoming release of a new NiGHTS game for the Nintendo Wii, with an expected stateside release window...

Sega Doing new Handheld Titles

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Sega is hard at work on two new games for handheld consoles - one for the PSP, and one for the Game Boy Advance. The PSP title hasn't been named yet, but we do know...

Sega Offers Sonic Bundle for GBA

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New combo cartridge gives double dose of hedgehog mascot with original Sonic Advance, Sonic Pinball Party. Just because Sega's hitting the reset button on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise for next-generation systems,...

SEGA up for Revolution

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SEGA has announced plans to show strong support for Nintendo's next-gen Revolution console, confirming that classic titles are more than likely to make an appearance on the platform. "The Nintendo fan, I think, is very...

New Sega Arcade Board Isn't Xbox 360 Based

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Sega representatives have moved to quash reports that the company's new "Lindbergh" arcade board, which will power titles including House of the Dead 4 and Virtua Fighter 5, is based on Xbox 360 hardware. A...

SEGA Signs Total War Expansion

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Following the recent acquisition of development studio Creative Assembly, SEGA has announced that it's also secured the rights to publish the Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion expansion pack, previously down as an Activision title....

Sega launches new Community Site

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House of Sonic opens Sega Link, an online arcade that also functions as a social-networking site. Sega announced today that it has launched its new community-based online game site in Japan named...

SEGA Announces 2005 Sonic The Hedgehog Lineup

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Today Sega has announced an exciting 2005 lineup of Sonic The Hedgehog titles: Sonic Rush, Sonic Gems Collection, and Sonic The Hedgehog (mobile). Gamers can now enjoy the high-speed action made famous by SEGA icon...

Sega, From Software confirm support for Xbox 360

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Two more major Japanese publishers have announced support for Microsoft's next-generation console, with software development for the platform already underway at both Sega and From Software, according to a Famitsu report. With...

Sega signs next-gen pact with Silicon Knights

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Agreement will see the Twin Snakes developer working on an unnamed game for unidentified consoles to be released at an undetermined date. In a release issued this morning, Sega announced an agreement...

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