The iPad's USB charging caveat

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Among all the new excitement from Saturday's iPad launch, new confusions over the device's ability to charge over USB have started to appear. Customers are reporting that their newly purchased iPads aren't charging over USB...


Is Intel delaying USB 3.0?

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According to a report from EETimes.com, Intel has pushed plans to support USB 3.0 in its chipsets back until 2011. Without Intel's support for the standard, motherboard and gadget makers will be forced to hold...


Linux is first OS to support USB 3.0

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Sarah Sharp, a self-styled "geekess" and Linux developer at Intel's Open Source Technology Center who has recently been working on the Linux USB subsystem, announced on her blog that support of USB 3.0 will soon...


Tiny drive, big appeal

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Recently we were given opportunity to review the Zpen, a multifunctional digital pen to help digitalize your notes made by Dane-Elec. Now, our friends at Dane-Elec have now announced a new product called the Mini-Mate....


Imation Unveils Paperclip-Sized USB Drive

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Imation Corp. last week unveiled the Atom Flash Drive, a 1.5-inch-long portable storage device that is no larger than a paperclip and can store up to 8GB of digital files. Weighing less than one ounce...

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