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Skype is software for calling other people on their computers or phones. Download Skype and start calling for free all over the world. The calls have excellent sound quality and are highly secure.

Skype hits new record for active users

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It appears last month's global outage did little to slow the growth of communications service Skype, with the service having hit a record 27 million simultaneous users yesterday. Gigaom spotted a tweet from Skype's official account... Voice VoIP_thumb.png

Google Voice goes VoIP in Gmail

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According to the reliable, yet unofficial, Google Operating System blog, Google is apparently testing a new feature in Gmail. As part of Gmail's chat program, Google has integrated Google Voice functionality. The new feature allows...

Yahoo Strikes Deal With JaJah

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Telecommunications company JaJah has announced that it has been selected by Yahoo as the outsource partner for its premium voice service. Yahoo Messenger's "Phone In" and "Phone Out" service, which started in 2006 and allows...

999 comes to VoIP

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Ofcom, the UK regulator, has decreed that VoIP services are going to have to connect 999 calls to the emergency services, though not until September 2008. VoIP services have been improving in quality and usability...

VoIP Adoption in Contact Centers to Soar

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Contact centers will dramatically increase the adoption of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology over the next few years, the Yankee Group projects. This long-awaited development will be driven in some part by related growth...

Logitech offers new VOIP products

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Logitech introduced an array of new products on Monday designed for VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) users, including a keyboard with dedicated call management buttons and a speakerphone. VOIP service provider Skype worked with...

'Image Spam' and VoIP Scam Attacks on Rise

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So-called "image spam" is on the rise once again -- as clever hackers try to sneak by spam screening software that tests messages for spam based on keywords. After declining steadily throughout 2005 -- from...

VoIP theft nets $1M, two arrests

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A Miami businessman has been accused of breaking into the computers of VoIP service providers and reselling stolen minutes to unsuspecting customers. Edwin Andres Pena allegedly netted over $1m as a result of the scam....

Vonage releases Wi-Fi VOIP phone

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After teasing us with pictures andbrief descriptions earlier this year, Vonage has released its Wi-FiVOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone. Looking much like a cell phone, theUTStarcom F1000 Wi-Fi phone is a pocket sized VOIP...

AOL Readies VOIP Service

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America Online has announced it will offer a new Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service starting October 4, entering a heated race for Internet-based telephone services. The service, called TotalTalk, will enable calls to be...

FCC Requirement Could Strand VoIP Customers

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On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission plans to begin enforcing its requirement that Net phone services who connect to the public telephone network--known as "interconnected" services--receive acknowledgment from 100 percent of their customers about 911...

3 Months of free VOIP calls to UK Landlines

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BT Retail via its BT Communicator service is offering customers who sign-up to the Communicator service between now and 30th June 2005, three months of free UK calls. Also the first 10,000 new customers to...

Level 3 withdraws VOIP petition before FCC

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Level 3 Communications on Monday withdrew a petition before the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that sought to reduce access charges paid to telecommunications carriers when calls originated over VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) end...

Innovative VoIP Gear for Small Businesses

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While large IP PBX vendors continue to build on server-based platforms, some international firms are taking different approaches to small-business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone systems. Among the distinctive small-business VoIP products emerging is...

AOL: You've got VoIP

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America Online is expected to launch an Internet-phone service in the United States next month, leapfrogging rivals in a fast-growing market as it seeks to evolve from an also-ran provider of dial-up Internet access to...

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