Website Realizer 1.7.18

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Website Realizer is a Windows website builder for building and designing websites. Website Realizer comes with free templates and includes all the necessary tools to create your websites easily.


Netflix overhauls website layout

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Netflix has updated its website to feature a new layout with a consistent header. Previously the video streaming website had separate layouts for browsing its Watch Instantly movies and DVD movies.


Do you know who you write like?

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We take a look at I Write Like: a site dedicated to helping you identify who your writing style most resembles. We also take some of Neowin's authors to the site to see what it makes of their works.


Google launches Google TV website

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Google TV is about to land on consumers in a big way. Even if the concept has been applied before, having Google's massive presence and capabilities pushing the platform can truly push it into the...


Digg 4.0 a week away

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The Digg you know is about to get updated to a fourth version of the popular social news website. Earlier this year, we have already seen a glimpse of what it will look like. Kevin...


Wikipedia suffers mass editor loss

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Staple student reference site Wikipedia has come under some hard times recently. The English language version of the site is crying out for $7.5 million USD worth of support to keep the site up and...


Yahoo relaunches new web portal

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Internet search engine Yahoo has launched its new web portal, alongside a $100m advertising campaign, with the company hoping the changes will boost traffic and turn a profit, according to the BBC. The first...

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