IconPackager 5.1

IconPackager lets Windows users change hundreds of icons at a time using packages of icons.  These packs of icons, which hundreds are available to download, can change nearly every Windows icon including all types of folder and file types.  Integration with the Windows shell lets you easily change individual icons via the right-click menu, and IconPackager even supports Live Folder icons found in Vista/Win7.  You can even create your own icon packs by dragging and dropping icons into the package builder!

The 5.1 update brings:

  • Added support for Windows 7 Homegroup and shield overlays
  • Icons & Cursors / Folders section will show custom libraries on Windows 7
  • Added previewing all included icon sizes from the package preview window

IconPackager 5.1 (free trial, full version $9.95)

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Well it would appear that Stardock is afraid to come out and a mitt that they are incapable of fitting the fore mentioned problem.

I was hoping that a member of the Stardock team would have come onto this thread and explain why there are still split folders (when there are sub folders within a folder) in Windows 7 64 bit. I have been using IconPackager for some years now, and still see this same problem. Please Stardock explain what it is you are going to do about this problem; if anything.

Also with 64 bit becoming the wave of the future when are you going to make the move to 64 bit applications?

Still haven't fixed the folder problems in 64 bit windows 7. Would put up a pic, but can't here in the comment section.