IE8 via Automatic Update for users running IE6 or IE7

Microsoft plans to distribute Internet Explorer 8 to computers running previous versions of IE (IE 6 or IE 7) via Automatic Updates starting from the 3rd week of April. The update will be rolled out gradually from a small user base to large number of users.

The update will be a 'high priority' update for systems running Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 and is an 'important' update for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. The final version of IE8 was distributed via automatic update recently to users still running pre-release versions of IE8, Beta 2/RC1.

Organizations can use the IE8 Blocker Toolkit to block automatic delivery of IE8. The blocking tool has to be in place by the week of April 20th. IE8 will be released to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) in July 2009 and will be classified as an Update Rollup.

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For me the worst thing about IE 8 versus IE 6 is that I can no longer fish files out of the Temporary Internet Files directory. This directory seems to no longer exist. Can anyone shed light on this issue?

It's gut wrenching to know that people still use Internet Explorer 6. I think they should make it mandatory for Windows Vista users.

It is good news, but ie8 has failed on a few computers: the window closes immediately after opening. MS better sort out this showstopper before pushing the update. All the other computers here are working very nicely though.

Why IE 6?

A> If you don't use IE anyways, its not a security vulnerbility.

B> If you're on XP and don't have a choice to uninstall IE completely

C> Installing IE 7 or 8 on an older business machine with a very closed set of tasks and only 512 meg of ram produces a benchmarked overall reduction of speed depending on the machine ranging from 20% to 40% including bootup speed due to the complete integration of IE into explorer.

On the other side. IE 8 on Windows 7 vs XP is day and night. On Windows 7 IE 8 opens in under a second, tabed browsing is fast, and IE 8 works wonderfully. Too bad Microsoft can't take the same code for Windows XP.

I disagree with some of you who you don't want to switch to IE7 or IE8.

I knew that IE6 was soooo worse ever! I used IE6 on my old Windows XP. It always crashed often, and very slow to running.

I had problem with Windows Live Spaces on IE6 before, because it was sooo slow running. Now on IE7 and are very best at speed up. I like both IE 7 and 8, because they have tab features which it is very easier for me.

Right now, I am on Vista. I am using IE8, so they are best too. I choose Vista over XP, because of supporting older video game will work on Vista. I play Star Wars Galaxies and it is very smooth on Vista.


OK, I tried to install on my XP (obviously all attempts failed) NOW, here is a cool solution (ok not very cool) but google "Internet Explorer Collection" this has all version of Internet explorer (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) and you can run all version at the same time... lol

1. Automatic Updates is meant make your Windows computer more secure, by reducing security vulnerabilities, so in effect, by disabling Automatic Updates your not helping but your hurting yourself.
2. The IE8 installation can be blocked with the IE8 Blocker Toolkit

postoasted said,
Boy, am I glad I have automatic update turned off.

Stop using a computer then. It's people like you that allow for the spread of malware because of idiocy like that.

Me too!!

IE8 WILL NOT be getting installed on ANY of my 6 machines!!

IE7 & 8 are both junk!!

Both of them are to stupid to remember user names at sites I WANT it to remember them at and that right there is enough for me not to want it.

IE6 rulez!!

Sorry, cork but thats just plain crazy. Even if you don't use IE on a daily basis, you should at least be installing it. IE has it's tendrils wrapped around several parts of the OS. Even if you dont use the browser itself, by not keeping it up to date you are opening yourself up to many potential security issues.

paradoxdream said,
They should just let IE die and preload firefox on the systems

I think we should just make you die and preload some brains inside your head cavity.

My company just switched to IE7.

I think it is good to switch to IE8 for better standard-compliance.

I uninstalled IE8 last week, made me crazy. The biggest frustration was that tabs opened very slow, i had to wait for every page that opened. So back to IE7 for me combined with Firefox and Chrome.

It might be your antivirus scanning each new process that is created with each tab. I had the same problem with Kaspersky Anti-Virus beta for Win 7. Now I am trying Panda Anti-virus beta and my tabs open up instant.

Lee� said,
If IE6 users didn't upgrade to IE7, why would they upgrade to IE8?

Somebody should write a worm that updates their PC. I'm tired of idiots making the internet unsafe because they want to keep their security holes wide open.

About a week after IE8 went final (and a YEAR since the beta was released), we started getting company-wide emails warning us not to install IE8 at all, because of all the compatibility issues it causes.

What is recommended? A good, old install of 2001 IE6.

Maybe you should remind them that it's not IE8 thats causing their compatibiliy "issues", but rather their own legacy systems that they refuse to, or are unable to bring up to date.

shhac said,
Whats the latest build number? I can never find build numbers on the MS website o_O
You do know IE8 was release about two weeks ago right? The build number is 8.0.6001.18702

The third week of April??

I'm in Australia, and some of my clients (the ones who know nothing about PCs other than how to use Word) have had IE8 installed through Windows Automatic Update... none of my clients update their PCs manually so yeah. Weird.

WAR-DOG said,
I think IE8 is more a frustration for developers than IE6, as I see many pages are disorted when loaded with IE8 :)

Which for once arent' the fault of the browser.

I wish...the company I work for is still on XP SP2 and IE6...can't even use alternate browsers...dark ages is right!

tunafish said,
About time!!!! Come on IE6 people update!!!!

+1 IE7 should have been a required update. But hey, we'll finally get it with IE8. I still hate the browser and find it renders things much slower than Firefox 3.5 nightlies, but it's certainly a step in the right direction and isn't such a pain to develop for finally.

buletov said,
Yeah, let the dark ages for the web developers become the thing of the past!

What dark age? Most developers standardise on Firefox now. Gone are the times of M$ proprietary extensions. Now we all follow open standards.

Solid Knight said,

One of the quotes says:

I love the fact that transparent pngs get funny background colors. It means I can see them easily and replace them with gifs!

You can't be serious... lmao.

Gotta love this chart: