Intel E8500 Core2 Duo CPU Review

The E8500 is the fastest Core 2 Duo solution on the market with the clock speed set at 3.16GHz, fully 266MHz higher than the next fastest E series CPU. For a MSRP on the Intel CPU price list of $266 this makes an affordable solution for those not wanting to spend $999 on an Intel CPU like the QX9770 that's upcoming. Dual Core CPUs like the E8500 are excellent choices for the everyday user.

The E8500 also overclocks like a beast reaching 4.389 GHz, a nearly 40% overclock on normal air-cooling. Other people have reached over 4.5GHz on theirs. Dual Core processors still have a market as only the Q6600 Core 2 Quad CPU reaches this level of price but performance on the E8500 beats that CPU in many cases.

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I beat motherboard.orgs 3dmark06

E8400 @ 3.0 (stock)
4Gig Ram
8800gt 512
Gigabyte P35 ds3l
Windows Vista Ultimate.

3dmark06 score: 11890

Im really suprised they scored so low with that setup.

This might be the next processor I buy. Although I have to admit I'm worried by the fact that the lack of competition from AMD.

Nah, they're still doing their battle on the low cost processor market. It might explain the stupid price jump of the QX processors.

I want this processor so badly! I'm putting off building my very first PC (all previous PC's were OEM) because it's not available in North America yet, except to reviewers. I already have some of the parts for the PC, but still waiting for this beast to come out.

Yeah, but most of the benchmarks exclude many apps, mostly because there's no demos or they're highly complicated and technical. I'm sure a lot of CAD users would want benchmarks of their program and a lot of Math people would want benchmarks of their programs. I've been looking for the latter and there's a huge lack of reviews on the Net. It makes me wonder if getting a Core2 duo vs a quad would make a difference.

It is still really fuzzy to me as well. I think, (in general), if you are running programs that are not optimized for multiple-cores (which is most, currently) then:

* More cores are better for multi-tasking a lot of programs.
* Faster cores are better for running single tasks faster (i.e., PC Games).

But I think that newer software is going to favor more cores rather than faster cores. So in a couple of years it will make a lot more sense to have 4 cores at a particular speed than 2 cores at some faster speed. Currently it is very application dependent, but I think overall faster 2 cores is better than quad cores.

I have a Q6600, and I love it.