iPhone 5 screen production delayed at Sharp

It’s frustrating being an Apple fan right now. Having to wait another 12 days until the Apple/iPhone event where the next iPhone should be unveiled must be difficult. All you’ve got to go on is rumour and speculation.

Until September 12th, we don’t know much about the new handset or when it will hit the stores. However, the release date may need to be put back in order for Sharp to complete delivery on the screens for the devices.

It is unclear what the situation is but, from what is being reported, manufacturing difficulties are to blame for the delay. It is also being reported that production hasn’t yet begun on the screens, which would definitely force Apple to rethink the rumoured September 21st release date.

It remains to be seen whether or not Sharp can indeed ship the panels at all, leaving Apple in a bit of a difficult situation if it turns out to be true.

Does anyone else see an opportunity for Samsung to step in and help?!

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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tanjiajun_34 said,
Sharp? So they changed the screen? I thought it was LG for Retina display?

it is manufactured by LG (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and MacBook Pro) and Samsung (new iPad); probably they added Sharp just for the new iPhone.

acrufox said,
Oh noes, whatever will the world do with a delay to the Iphone 5, how will the human race go on...

Get a Nokia!

I'm sure for around 1.5Bn Samsung could supply some screens in time

And get a couple of quid in pocket for it too

If true, this is exactly why companies are sometimes hesitant to announce release dates. You never know what sort of last minute problems might arise.

If true, Ballmer is probably running around MS head office highfiving everyone! It would be a major coup if/when WP8 can launch before a new iPhone.

sava700 said,
don't care - nobody really should. Over priced and under designed phone!

Under-designed? You have no idea how much attention gets put into product design at Apple.

King Mustard said,

Under-designed? You have no idea how much attention gets put into product design at Apple.
I think he's just upset his mom won't buy him an iPhone.

Astra.Xtreme said,
I can't help but think there are going to be a lot of screen-related defects.

No the wont there products magic and perfect. god bless jobs.