iPhone OS 4.0 shows social network integration

Engadget has unveiled a new look at social networking on the iPhone OS 4.0.  The files were discovered on a jailbroken iPhone running the 4.0 SDK, which found native Facebook integration built into the phone.

It’s hard to tell exactly what the feature does, or even how it works right now, but the file system shows support for linking contacts with Facebook to your contacts on your phone.  The Facebook app already allows photo syncing with contacts, but this will now be integrated into the phone.

With built in Facebook sync, this could open doors for users to universally sync with Facebook calendar and events with their iPhone.  Although no evidence of Twitter or any other social network integration was found, the possibility to include more services maybe feasible in the future.

The iPhone OS 4.0 is set to be announced on June 22, along with what many believe to be the next iPhone 4G/HD.

images courtesy of Engadget.com

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I'm pretty sure blackberry has done this for a while. It integrates the facebook profiles of my contacts with the contact list and will automatically adjust changes. Also there is the calender integration. My storm had this when it came out. I can only imagine this is true for other blackberrys.

Shadrack said,
I there is already an app for that.

Yep. The Facebook app will actually go through and update your contact info in your Address Book for you.

Exosphere said,
Well done Apple for catching up with what Android did way back with version 1.5

Let me guess - the andriod OS is superior to the iPhone OS in every way? No they both have their advantages, and its good to see Apple adding this functionality even though the facebook app has had it for ages