Leaked promotional video shows Moto X always-on voice commands

A leaked video from a Canadian wireless carrier has fully revealed the Moto X appearance as well as several of its custom software features, such as an always-on voice command system and gesture to launch the phone's camera.

The video, filmed for Rogers Wireless and leaked by Ausdroid, primarily focuses on how the phone is always listening for Google Now voice commands, regardless of whether the screen is being touched. Moto X also features an "active updates" display that showcases what kind of information is available – such as a text message or voice mail – instead of a blinking notification light found on most phones that doesn't display information.

Moto X features multiple modifications to the standard Android camera, including a gesture system to launch the software instead of a physical button. "Just twist your wrist twice and [the camera is] ready to shoot," the Rogers representative notes. Additionally, holding a finger on the touchscreen when the camera is open will take several photos at once.

The video corroborates recently leaked images of the phone, showcasing a design similar to LG's Nexus 4 smartphone that was designed in coordination with Google. According to the video, the Moto X will be released through Rogers in August in black and white variants, though previously leaked information stated more colors are expected to be available, possibly just not when the phone launches.

The video's speaker claims Rogers will be the sole Canadian carrier of the phone; in the U.S., the Moto X is expected to be carried by all four major wireless service providers.

Source: Ausdroid via The Verge

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Greetings from China. Who is this Google you guys talk about? There used to be a bunch of clowns called "Good Dog" or something like that in China but they ran away squealing like a stuck pig when they got their butts kicked by the small local companies. They even had the nerve to say the big bad Chinese government were spying on them. They couldn't possibly be the same company that spies on people on behalf of the big bad American government could they?

I'm anxiously waiting for the Internet to go ballistic, refuse to ever buy one, and demand that Google remove the always-on listening.

/not holding my breath

I think I prefer to press a hardware button from my lockscreen on a windows phone instead of having to twist my wrist twice lol wtf is that all about, gimmiky **** like the s4 that doesn't work that well.

So, it give you updates without touching the phone and you choose whether or not you want to see them. Isnt that the same things as getting notifications when your phone tells you you have a text, email, or VM? My phone lights up diff colors for each.

Doesnt even show the phone being woken up by voice when the phone is locked/idle. Besides, most likely there will be a way to disable this feature.

Edited by techbeck, Jul 14 2013, 6:38pm :

Here's how it goes, android and iPhone target window phone. Sony target Xbox.
I am just glad that MS are the one to rule them all

Let the hypocrisy begin! Everyone's going to give the almighty Google big brother overlords a pass... but let's still slag on the Xbox One for what it was going to be. You know, because it's so cool and hip to hate on Microsoft. Hypocritical assbags.

Let the obvious ridiculous comments begin. Some idiot is going to compare apples to oranges, bring misunderstood data security into it, and act all righteous!

Two things: First, the inclusion of a camera on a smartphone is an obvious need, whereas on a gaming console it is not. And second, you can trust Google.

mikesingh said,
Let the hypocrisy begin! Everyone's going to give the almighty Google big brother overlords a pass... but let's still slag on the Xbox One for what it was going to be. You know, because it's so cool and hip to hate on Microsoft. Hypocritical assbags.

I love comments like this. No, not everyone is going to give Google a pass. In fact, there have been more Google bashing around here than anything else recently. The same amount of people, if not more, will be upset about Google/Android as they are about what Microsoft does.

vcfan said,
so its selling features are to not actually use the phone...hmmmm

9/10 people don't buy a cell phone based on actual calling capabilities lol.

Enron said,
What! It's always on? NSA direct channel recording 24/7 oh noes! /s

lol.. good one, but I feel you're underestimating what the NSA already have access to. They probably can already turn the Mic and camera on remotely without you knowing about it, and indeed anything showing up on the phone.
Android is opensource blehdebleh, sure but the hardware it runs on isn't. It's well known that China already puts hardware backdoors in electronics.. you think the NSA hasn't had a hand in Samsung pocket playing the fluffer role? /s