Image of alleged Moto X front leaks

Motorola has announced several facts about its upcoming Moto X smartphone since May, including that it will likely launch in October and come with two processors, though the company has yet to officially release photos of the device. That hasn't stopped several leaks, however, and now the phone is more or less fully revealed.

An image provided to Android Police shows the front of the Moto X, which features an appearance reminiscent of LG's Nexus 4. The Android Police report notes the translucent background behind the soft keys at the bottom of the interface, possibly hinting at an impending change in Android 4.3, given that the Moto X could be using a stock version of the Android interface since Motorola is now a Google subsidiary.

Earlier this week, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt was photographed using the smartphone at an event, though a front angle of the device wasn't pictured. Schmidt's version of the phone featured a white case, one of the many covers expected to be available for the Moto X.

Motorola has yet to announce a press event formally revealing the phone, though one is expected to be scheduled in the coming months. At the event, Motorola is expected to announce that the Moto X will be sold by all four major U.S. wireless service providers

Source: Android Police | Images via Android Police

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