LG teases its newest wearable, the LG G Watch R

Although many expected LG to annouce the LG G Watch 2, it seems like the company decided to expand its Android Wear lineup with a Moto 360 rival, the G Watch R. To tease the device, a small video clip was uploaded online.

From what we have seen from the video, it looks like the wearable will be completely round-faced unlike the yet to be announced Moto 360, which will have a square look thanks to its ambient light sensor and display drivers. In this perspective, having a round design, the G Watch R is not expected to have an ambient light sensor but the video hints at a step counter and a compass to be bundled with the smartwatch.

A full render of the device (which can be seen above) has been done from the video, and the device sports a classic design with a metal body. Further details are not yet known.

The G Watch R will probably be ready for the IFA 2014, though it is not known if the company will introduce the smartwatch to the public or only the corporate partners. Whichever the case, it won’t take long to find out as IFA starts on 5th of September.

Source: YouTube via phonearena | image via androidcommunity on G+

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If you have to look at the time a lot, then having a watch is much more convenient.

I have a job where I'm present in lots of interviews, and it is important that I make a note of the time the interview starts, the time anything significant is said during the interview, the time the interview ends and the time anything significant is said after the interview.

Also not allowed my phone on during interviews as it can interfere with audio recording facilities. I put it in aeroplane mode and most of the interviewers are fine with that, but some insist on it being switched off altogether - presumably because they don't understand aeroplane mode.

So yeah. Plenty of reasons why I need a watch.

Nice video, lots of flashy graphics and special effects....but.....don't you think it's missing something? (hint: the smartwatch itself)

Robot Emas said,
Better than 360. Definitely prefer this. This one look more like a regular watch. nice one LG

What do you think the 360 looks like?

macoman said,
The 360 looks like a regular watch but it depend only on Android. The LG one is universal.

Where do you see this information? All these smart watches that are out, depend on Android to get maximum use. I can still use my Samsung Gear Live without my phone, just doesn't have all the features I would if my phone was in my pocket.

I was very skeptical about owning a smart watch, but it's easy for me to just look at my watch and read a notification, do dishes and respond to a text, change my music while I'm on my motorcycle, etc.

I'm not knocking the LG G-R, I'm definitely interested in a round faced smart watch.

If only smart watches could have the watch faces of a really nice watch, and I'd be set.