Lumia 900 in Canada to get Dark Knight Rises tie-in?

The launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 is getting closer and closer, and not just here in the US, where it is expected to be made available via AT&T in mid-March. In Canada, Rogers is also going to be selling the Windows Phone device. However, an interesting ad for the phone via Rogers hints strongly that there might be a tie-in with a certain massive blockbuster summer 2012 movie.

As reported by, the ad, shown above, has a very interesting last line: "When you pre-order a Lumia 900, Nokia and Rogers have a surprise for you. Hint: there's a hero rising out of the darkness."

That's almost certainly a reference to The Dark Knight Rises, the third and final movie in the Christopher Nolan-directed Batman film trilogy that's coming this summer. There are no other details as to what this tie-in to the Lumia 900 might be about.

This isn't the first time the Lumia family has had a Dark Knight Rises connection. In December, the UK members of the press got to see a sneak peek of the movie in London and received a very limited edition Lumia 800 with a a black finish and the Batman logo laser etched on the back.

Update - The original version of the story said that Rogers was based in the UK. We regret the error.

Image via Rogers/

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k so either some of you cant read or you just like picking at something that's been pointed out already. There's no need for 6 people to say "no rogers in uk". We get it. Move on.

yes im a rogers customer and will buy this outright at that price. I also have the focus on contract which I can upgrade to wp8 device sometime later.

I, for one, would much prefer that Rogers WAS in the UK. Not here!

Good move though on finally promoting a WP device, if only to lesson the very Android-centric marketing amongst Canadian carriers at the moment.

I signed up a few days ago when it was first announced. Hopefully the logo look just as good on the cyan.

The price is pretty nice as well. $499.99+tax. My Samsung Focus cost me 725.00 after taxes when I bought it outright in 2010. I might do the same with the Lumia 900 because i'm sitting on a upgrade option just in case the Lumia can't upgrade to windows phone 8.

SubZenit said,
Rogers in UK? Fail again John.

Typical Callaham article at its finest.

Calla's'ham as a writer. Never been please with his work, always errors as if nobody else gets to proof read your rushed work.

Really? Rogers in the UK? I expect some proofreading in the articles to be honest. Rogers is in Canada and that picture was taken from the Canadian website.

Navan said,
Dark Knight Rises is the final in the series? WHATTT?

Well the final film in the Christopher Nolan trilogy. There will probably be more batman, just not done by Chris Nolan

Navan said,
Dark Knight Rises is the final in the series? WHATTT?

if he follows the comic bane breaks bruce's back. If nolan follows his "realism" theme then bruce wont survive it. /movie

"In the UK, Rogers is also going to be selling the Windows Phone device"

Really? Never heard of Rogers over here, apart from on worldwide forums.